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You Should Stop Telling Single Mothers “Happy Father’s Day” | The TGR Podcast

As we get closer to Father’s Day 2016, the elephant in the room needs to be addressed. MEN and WOMEN; it’s time to quit the semantics and end the shenanigans…

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Are We Being Too Hard on Troy Ave?

Be honest. Before you had all the facts, you had Brooklyn rapper Troy Ave — the heartbeat of the Irving Plaza shooting that left 1 dead and several injured — … Continue reading

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Drive to Survive: How To Survive Road Rage!!!

You could die on your way to McDonald’s. (Oh, the irony.)

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New Music: Nocando “Zeroes”

L.A.’s own underrated angel Nocando has been promising new music for a minute or 2. Today, he delivers on the self-produced “Zeroes.”

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How The Minimum Wage Hike Destroyed Humanity As We Know It

There is a man named Ray Kurzweil. He is an inventor, a scientist, author, and futurist. If you follow Ray online or even in real life, you are aware that … Continue reading

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“There are Only Two Kinds”: An Editorial

I said it on Twitter. There are only two kinds…

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That Night Marcellus Wiley Saved My Life | The TGR Podcast

Late eighties. Los Angeles. My father and I were going to our old apartment to bathe because the water in our new apartmemt wasn’t on, yet. The task wasn’t as … Continue reading

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Why I Support Hakeem Lyon’s Choice To Avoid A Controversial Photo Op

Bryshere Gray, widely known around the world as infamous MC, Hakeem Lyon, star of the musical drama Empire, is under the proverbial gun right now for deciding not to take … Continue reading

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Trade That Lottery Pick, Lakers!

So the 2016 NBA Draft lottery is tonight… Expectations include the Lakers or Sixers getting the top pick (watch, neither will, because drama).  I am of the opinion that there … Continue reading

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Dear Next Generation Internet Model

Let’s be real here. The internet has ruined a few things. It was designed to be a tool to help information spread around the world, but in the process of … Continue reading

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George Zimmerman, World’s Biggest A**hole Strikes Again!

George Zimmerman, who gained notoriety and fame after being found innocent of the murder of Trayvon Martin, is on a mission to be the most disliked person in America. A … Continue reading

May 11, 2016 · 3 Comments

A Reminder that Kanye was Krazy Before Kim and the Kardashian Klan

Kanye West was spotted at the Met Gala this weekend wearing colored contact lenses. While this isn’t necessarily a stretch for Kanye West, a man known for his exuberant behavior, … Continue reading

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