Nicki Minaj Probably Doesn’t Like To Read


I’m sure we are all used to rappers doing stupid shit, felonious activity notwithstanding. Without sounding like a chauvinist, I especially enjoy when lady rapsters get caught acting like morons. Actually, I like when ladies do pretty much anything, so I guess that doesn’t count. Nonetheless, when I heard about Nicki Minaj in the “news” for a name change, naturally, I ignored it. Then, somehow, the “story” found it’s way into my life.

Turns out she’s supposedly changing her stage name from Nicki Minaj to Roman Zolanski (a la Sasha Fierce). That in & of itself isn’t really noteworthy. What’s curious is that she’s being top secret about her debut album ‘Alter Ego,’ where she’s to introduce this “Zolanski” character, & explain the relevance of Roman Zolanski–Nicki Minaj 2.0–to the industry. I’m saying, is she sure she knows who Roman Polanski is? More importantly, is this a moniker she wants to adopt & use to represent her in music, or even better/worse, life? I know niggas don’t read books, but I’ll be damned if our laziness is so eggregious these days that we can’t even watch TV anymore.

Without passing judgment, Polanski had sex, repeatedly, with one minor female that the public is aware of, then fled the country, albeit something like 40 years ago. Dude’s like 106 now, so you never can tell how many women are embarrassed, just plain forgot, or merely passed away waiting for justice to be served. This dude is facing extradition at this very moment. A proverbial fight for his life, & he doesn’t even see any wrongdoing on his part. Remember that chick from ‘The Golden Child?’ Not for nothing, but Polanski molested her, too. Allegedly. Which brings me to my point:

What could the reason possibly be to go by the name of a child rapist, that’s undergoing trial right now for his crimes, however old they are? I’m confused by the imagery The Artist Formerly Known As Nicki Minaj is trying to convey to the throngs of young chickens who undoubtedly idolize her from stiletto heel to lace-front wig. Is Nicki empowering the girl who was seduced, abused & taken advantage of by Polanski, in some strange “I’m in love with my captor” type of way, or did Nicki hear the name “Roman Polanski” on CNN, on the way to BET, & thought it had a nice ring to it? I assume she replaced the “P” with a “Z” for legal reasons. I should let her know that reading isn’t really for dumb people. Nah, I’d just confuse her at this point.

Man, this chick better “leak” a sex tape or get pregnant by Lil Wayne soon. Trust me, I’m usually right about these types of things.


6 comments on “Nicki Minaj Probably Doesn’t Like To Read

  1. Mark Dub says:

    Grands…I thought she was smarter than this. When I read Zolanski, I was like damn…why would she change from a name implying a sex act to one that’s notorious for taking underage cookies? She HAS to know better. If not, she doesn’t need more people; just better ones.


  2. DV8 says:

    shes going to kill her own career with moves like that. just a matter of time.


  3. vee says:

    im sure she has some sensible reason for calling her self that nicki is a very smart women ….maybe it has something to do with that sextape they sed she had cuz she did change it around that time but im sure she has a good reason she is really good with her business and marketing stuff ..whenever she does something it has a meaning behind it that will help her


  4. Capital G says:

    This just in: Some other bullshit rapper is changing their name to John Wayne Macey or perhaps Jeffrey Zahmer. This prostitute is fuckin ridiculous. She wears neon wigs, ain’t no way this was a well thought out plan on anyone’s behalf.


  5. forex blog says:

    Great stuff from you, man. Ive read your stuff before and youre just too awesome. I love what youve got here, love what youre saying and the way you say it. You make it entertaining and you still manage to keep it smart. I cant wait to read more from you. This is really a great blog.


  6. Jose says:

    nice blog keep up the good work


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