Grim Reaper Rap


There was a viral hoax circulating yesterday that Suge Knight had finally been arrested for the murder of Tupac Shakur.

I’m not aware of how much of it spilled out into the meatworld, but by the time I caught wind of it, it had been all through my timeline (of course) for about an hour or so, & I got an email about it. Or was I inboxed? Nonetheless, I Googled it & came up with a link. A link which I later found out was a bogus video. [Sidenote: Or so I heard. I didn’t have the chance to check because I was kind of busy. Fuck chasing ghosts & what not.]

As I shuffled around the different updates about the situation, for a brief 10 or so minutes, I allowed myself to believe it. I decided to judge & condemn Marion Knight for Tupac’s death. Obviously I had no true merit to pin my assessment to, but I do the same type of shit to strangers in the news, at least 3 times a day. In fact, I literally stood & clapped when they caught ‘The Grim Sleeper.‘ (Who lived less than 3 miles away from my house, by the way. #fact) If Suge did do it, like the consensus was saying at that time, he deserved to be treated no differently than any other idiot who can’t coexist like a civilized person. Or something to that effect. A killer is a killer, no matter how pretty his car & watch appear in direct sunlight.

But alas, in case you read wrong, it was only a hoax. The arrest part, I mean.

I looked ahead & tried to imagine the man who got tipped by a hairdresser having to answer to what would have undoubtedly been the biggest crime trial in the history of musical entertainment. Aside from that, as ‘Pac’s alleged murderer, Suge wouldn’t last long in any jail. ‘Pac standom is a dangerous entity to oppose. It’s beyond an understatement to even imply that people worshiped this man. I have the relatives to prove it.

There was even a small window of marijuana-scented time that a friend & me went through Don Killuminati with a proverbial fine toothed comb, in attempts to solve Tupac’s murder our-motherfucking-selves. No dice, obviously.

I’m curious, though, to know who’d start such a rumor? Honestly, I want to congratulate them on a job well done, because that genius insensitivity spread like wildfire. Be it good or bad, that’s publicity looking for it’s owner. Now whether or not he waves his hand to claim responsibility for such an inappropriate joke is another plot twist entirely…

Fuck it; I would if it were me.

& to show how powerful a dead Tupac Shakur still is, his name &/or the situation never even became a trending topic. Not even on Black Twitter. & that’s saying something, considering how many dead rapper jokes I haven’t heard yet.


One comment on “Grim Reaper Rap

  1. Rick Bolling says:

    Rap is never dead because there is always something new going on lol. We keep it alive! Keep it all day.


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