‘Hate Doesn’t Discriminate (But Everybody Else Does)’


Follow me for a moment…

Let’s assume that Mr. Antoine Dodson‘s sister’s would-be assailant was “successful” at his attempted raping, last year. Immediately, that removes Antoine’s cartoon character antics from the situation. Now, it becomes the anonymous rape of a woman that nobody outside of those projects has ever heard of. &, for even more dramatic effect, let’s say the intruder killed her, afterwards. Again, this is just for example; snarkasm & baggery aside, I don’t wish those types of things on anyone. No matter how much they embarrass my heritage. That said, back to this imaginary rape-murder. On second thought, we can just drop the murder, altogether. It was more dramatic than I forecasted.

[Sidenote: So, um, did they ever catch the son of a bitch that started the whole Dodson craze to begin with?]

In the rural part of America where the Dodson’s resided at the time (read: in the south, in the woods), how much time, energy, man-power, money, & genuine effort, do you think would’ve been put into finding the perpetrator? Really though, it probably wouldn’t have made your local news. Worse things happen on a daily basis, & those stories rarely even leave the area where they happen. Learn about the Richmond Gang Rape, & realize that if you didn’t live in California, you most likely didn’t even hear about it. Although you damn well should have. In fact, how many of y’all were familiar with “The Grim Sleeper” before he was captured? I’d imagine not many. As much as I’m not attempting to make it a race issue, I can’t say the same about it being an economical one.

The reason I bring this up is the Gabrielle Gifford shooting, & the amount of press it’s receiving as the dastardly shooting of a grandiose political figure, vs what it is; the cattywompus attempted murder of a regionally known politician, & the murders of some of her supporters. Not for nothing, but I hadn’t heard of her until that tragic moment, but that’s neither here nor there. Although, actually, it is here, because at least once a month, some poor soul wonders onto my porch, asking for a hand-out, to bury their recently deceased son or murdered uncle. (I know half the time it’s probably a scam, but my friend was one of those homeless corpses once, so they’re not all scams.) Real shit. It costs money to find killers & discard dead bodies in pretty, pointless boxes. Much less hold press conferences that tug at America’s heart strings, even if it’s more like a time to start handing out boot laces. But, hold that thought for a few.

It seems like Christina Greene, who’s funeral is today, would be more of the crown drawer in this surreal story. Especially if you factor in that she was at the Governor’s function on a whim, with a well-intending neighbor. Christina’s the gist is the moral of the story, so to speak. She was young, ambitious, obviously focused on some sort of professional direction in life, only to be cut short by a legitimate psychopath. & if you think about it, it’s a similar scenario with the Dodson’s catalytic criminal. He, too, is the meat & potatoes of their story. He’s the reason for the story. His haphazard actions started a ripple that hasn’t stopped, yet. Instead however, to this day, we’re still following Antoine like he has more layers to expose. (Nah, he doesn’t.) Where’s the coulda-been rapist? I’m more interested in his exact location, right now, & what he’s been up to, than in a happy-go-lucky, right place/right time-ass homo thug’s “talents.” Shots. God bless him, though.

In the meantime, my tv is flooded with updates on Governor Gifford, which I can appreciate (because I’m a compassionate chap or whatever) but c’mon. I don’t need to know she blinked once an hour. I’m glad she can, but let’s be realistic. As thrilled as I am with her miraculous, God-helmed recovery, what I think would really be somewhat useful is more information related to Jared Lee Loughner. I feel strongly about domestic terror attacks increasing in volume, dramatically, over the next 5 years, & perhaps a wee bit sooner, assuming we see the year 2013. Anyway, patriotism & capitalism raised some bad ass kids, & older brother Jared’s mug shot will be the face of a new type of protest. The type where rich White ladies & innocent children get shot, & shoot at, for what may very well be no reason whatsoever.

*Cue music*

To this day, I don’t know Antoine Dodson’s sister’s name, nor do I know the names of the 5 other people who were killed in Arizona on that dreary day. Just saying. I learned along time ago that “how a story is told is how the moral is sold,” or something to that effect. & by that context, as long as we focus on the victims, we, the people – I mean, can’t fully see what we are victims of, if you smell my cologne. The media came out swinging, calling Loughner a political blood merchant, when in actuality, dude is a nut bag lunatic who, by all accounts of our civil & constitutional & human rights, should’ve had seriously intrusive mental assistance years ago. There’s was no reason for this particular son of a bitch to be able to purchase a semi-automatic weapon & kill people with it, all in a matter of 3 weeks.

Fuck reading between the lines. It’s about time we start flipping the paper over.

Aside from all that, though, I have a bonus video for you. Thank me later. & no, it’s not [NSFW!]. I’d warn y’all, first.



4 comments on “‘Hate Doesn’t Discriminate (But Everybody Else Does)’

  1. Jamal7Mile says:

    This whole incident is a media gold-mine. I admit that when the story first broke I assumed that Palin and her ilk finally went too far with the inflammatory speech (yet to be proven wrong however). My Facebook status read “So the teabaggers finally took it THERE…” or something. I revisited the SarahPAC.com site to take another peek at the infamous crosshair graphic, only to find that it was taken down. I started following the Arizona governor’s tweets and waited with baited breath for Flush Limbaugh or somebody to say something stupid and blow the spot up even more. I did ALL of that on the same day of the shooting, bowl of popcorn in hand.

    And then I came up for air and realized how far ahead of the facts I’ve gone in my thinking. Trending topics are one helluva drug!

    Turns out the shooter was just an irrational nutcase sorely lacking in some intrusive intervention, as you stated above. Scary how the media really had me going. I’m going to look at this more objectively now. It’s not as politically motivated as the media would have you think. And as much as I can’t stand tea-baggers and that coagulating douche residue Sarah Palin, this incident is NOT idea ammunition for the Democratic agenda that I identify with. In fact, this bait is poisonous. As much as I’d like to see the ‘Crats rebound, they’d be well off handling the political implications of this shooting with kid’s gloves, if at all.


  2. Nagan says:

    Not condoning Loughner’s actions or trying to downplay any victims pain, but yeah seriously Loughner was known for a while to be unstable. Dude needed assistance with his inner demons and noone helped him. The mentally Ill can’t control themselves as easy as the general populace, same as the addicted members of society (ie. drugs/booze/sex) society failed one of it’s members and in doing so the shockwaves of said dudes actions reverberate back onto society. Prevention is better than a cure and so on.


  3. Mark Dub says:

    I peeped that there hadn’t been any coverage of the 6 victims that died; only of the Governor and her survival. The media is no longer “fair and balanced”, nor is it even objective anymore. Compassion and honesty are trumped by headlines, and sadly, w/the large revenues generated, I don’t see that turning around any time soon.


  4. Phlip says:

    I am really only commenting here to say that I had to google “cattywompus”


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