Rick Ross, The Illuminati, & Rap Royalty


By my score, Rick Ross the Rapper is winning this rap-rat race at the moment. In fact, I’m going to make a decree, #RAWIFDP style, & declare his past activities obsolete. It doesn’t matter to fans anymore that he lied about his life, but that should be obvious because William is gaining momentum fast. Fat people & speed is usually a dangerous combination, which explains why he’s rolling ninjas over like an runaway tractor at a motorcycle convention. Also, let the search engines show that I’ve been rooting for Rick Ross since before he graduated from punching bag status to Bawse to Maybach Music Group Don Dada. I never cared that he was a truant officer or whatever, because I don’t believe in rap music, per se. That’s what religion is for. I couldn’t care less what Ross did/does/is doing, as long as his records beat down the glass in my bookshelf doors. (Because they’re on the opposite side of the living room & all that.) Mission accomplished.

Even though he’s been busting raps for quite some time, he gained this current surge of power relatively quickly, in a conspiracy theory-esque way. Now, I’m not saying that there is an actual Illuminati, but if there was an Illuminati, it’s about time for one of Ross’ relatives to die in a fishing boat accident or something. Oh wait, I almost forgot about Raymond Adderly. That sheds some imaginary light on a speculative situation, but I’m not judging. This is only an observation.

Although it feels like this is going to explode in Ross’ believeably lazy lap, I give Rick credit for playing a very intense end of the first-quarter, trade deadline approaching-game of Hip Hop Monopoly. Within the past month or so, Rick Ross has bought 3 real-life rappers for his Maybach Music Group recording house. This is on the heels of MMG partnering with Warner Bros. Records to produce the type of rap label that hasn’t been seen in awhile. In other words, on paper, he has some guys that can definitely make music (that will make him money), even if the naysayers, umm, nay. & not for nothing, but Ross seems to have picked his crew like he picks his beats. The game plan, at this point, should be not to let his new employees drift off into weed carrier territory, because I’ve heard even the most talented sidekick say that that’s a lonely place to be, much less try to escape from.

Perhaps Ross The Rap Star is not as dumb as we’ve been led to believe. Or even worse, he read ‘The 48 Laws Of Power’ & studied it just like 50 did. Imagine that, if you will.

Speaking of 50, I can’t help but notice how he’s also buying up shit left & right & releasing flavor rap songs right now, too. I’ll go out on a limb & say that if those 2 dudes put all their personal bullshit in another place, & came together for some practical usage of one another, there’s no telling where that could led them. 50’s ego & Ross’ top-shelf aloofness are the only things that stand in the way of that power move. Really though; I totally understand why 50 would continuously ignore Game’s desperate plea’s for a truce, but Rick Ross is top dog right now. It would behoove anyone one-including 50 Cent-to get a piece of that shine. Lord knows it’s not going to last forever. And that’s not to say I’m putting it past Meek Millz to make grammy-award winning songs, but I’m not holding my pee, either.

I can’t remember the last time I heard someone say anything about Rick Ross The Rap Star being a pig, but I can tell you I’ve listened his music within the last 24 hours. Now, once he’s gets arrested-which is coming sooner than later-he’ll officially be rap royalty. For a few more summers, at least. Until then, though, everyday he’s hustling & the whole 9 yards.


7 comments on “Rick Ross, The Illuminati, & Rap Royalty

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  2. Soulrise says:

    DAAAAMN…I never realized that was Rawse on the Erick Onasis album (maybe b/c I only listened to it once or twice before tossing it aside). You’ve got a crazy solid memory or dope researching skills.


  3. DV says:

    Forgot that William Roberts actually stole 2 names, first Tephlon (who ran with M.O.P.) and then Ricky Ross. Interesting.

    “he gained this current surge of power relatively quickly, in a conspiracy theory-esque way. Now, I’m not saying that there is an actual Illuminati, but if there was an Illuminati, it’s about time for one of Ross’ relatives to die in a fishing boat accident or something.”

    Dumbplay better look out. (You do it…..YOU DO IT!!!!)


  4. If 50 and Rawse got together that would probably come out dope. As for his label, I don’t really fuck with Meek or Wale. Pill, gets the thumbs up though.


  5. Mark Dub says:

    Looks like RR really is someone’s Bawse now.


  6. Amanda says:

    I’ve had a rocky relationship with Rawse the Bawse.
    First I was like OK this is cool.
    Then I was like yo fuck you, you fuckin pork patrolling masquerading lying ass fat fuck.
    Then I was like OK, the fat joke was unnecessary (I’m actually not a fan of skinny dudes in the first place…), but you’re still a lying ass pig who surely has a donut problem.
    Then I laughed, a LOT, at what 50 cent was doing to him.
    Then time passed, I stopped thinking about it, then I caught myself head nodding to his new shit, and I realized damn….the people have really forgotten about his past, thisis50 shenanigans, and have looked past his man titties to appreciate his artistic ability. And dammit I still might not believe him when he raps about selling dope straight off his iPhone (I’m almost certain he’s a Blackberry type), but that man has impeccable beat selection and knows how to make a hit. Get money Rawse, you just still won’t get mine.


  7. niphotizim says:

    rick ross is sucks he has no content what so ever illumitati has him coverd


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