5 Shots @ Michael Millions

Once a week, I’ll be doing brief 5 question interviews with up & coming Hip Hop artists. This week is Michael Millions (@michaelmillions)

1)Who are you?
My name is Michael Millions, I’m from Richmond Va.  I represent my city, my people, my craft and Purple Republic Music Group/ Rayni Day Entertainment/ Association of Great Minds.

2)What’s your story?
I started writing music at the age of 10 and recording at age of 14.  Over the years I was affiliated with some of the biggest musical movements in my city such as Black Money Entertainment (2001), DonLand Entertainment (2001-2008) and now Purple Republic Music Group (2009- current).  My previous label stents did not formally release my music to the streets for whatever reasons but I was always a sought after and highly respected artist.  Releasing Ashes & Samples last April put the ball back in my court and now The Color Purple, my sophomore release with Purple Republic is on the way.

3) Why do you rap?
There are a few different reasons why I rap. 

First, I always felt I had something to say and music was my platform to do so.

Second, I want to lyrically/musically represent my city.  Richmond is such a unique place…we have no major sport teams, beaches etc, anything that would naturally draw people to this city.  On the flip side its a very historic city.  Slave ships used park not to far from my house… We party in the same places they used to sell slave and live in the same areas the freed blacks lived back in the day. (sorry for my historic rant)   Early to mid 90’s it was a hustlers paradise. So many of the stories in my music are directly from the streets and/or stories I’ve heard growing up about this place.  When I started recording music, the major artist in my city were Skillz (formally Madd Skillz) and D’Angelo.  D’Angelo, ironically enough was and still is a major inspiration to my sound.  I would lay on the floor in front of my boom box for hours dubbing tapes off the radio…  I was impressed by the way hip hop artist of the 90’s told stories of their lives and surroundings.  I look at music as the ultimate “Time-Capsule”.  If you what to know whats going on somewhere, listen to the (local) music. 

Third, I honestly believe that this is what I was put on earth to do.  Creating is my passion and Hip-hop is the perfect canvas to paint.

4)What’s the future look like for Michael Millions?
The future from the present view looks bright.  I have lot of feature work being released with several fellow upcoming artist, The Color Purple is being released 3.21.11 and Purple Republic Music Group is growing.

5)Any last words?
I just want my music to be accepted. I do what I love, I love how I feel. Shout out to my family, Nambrand, Hardwork, Radio B, Nickelus F and everyone affiliated with our company!

Michael Millions
‘2AM’ [Watch Video]


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