Nuclear Clouds, Jillian Barberie, & Why You Should Start Giving Flowers


[Sidenote: Objects are “oriental.” People are not. Just saying.]

Last week, I had 99 problems, but radioactivity wasn’t 1. But, within the time it took for an evening’s dinner consumption, all that changed. There was a historic – & equally horrific – earthquake/tsunami in Japan that I don’t need to get into specifics about, because it’s most likely one of the top 5 worst things to ever happen in that hemisphere. &, if you count the dropping of the A-bomb, 2 of them happened there. Nonetheless, only a fool would think that just people in the Asian-Pacific quadrant of the globe were affected.

Following the days of the initial quake & subsequent tsunami last week, mumblings about a nuclear complication started circulating on the ‘Net. Apparently, the quake & tsunami damaged some nuclear reactors there. From that point, I did my own research to see what type of situation we – as a planet with nowhere else to go – were in store for. Any conclusions & paradoxal theories I’ve conjured up since then mean absotively, posilutely nothing, however, because scientists themselves (in a complete contrast to the Japanese government), said they can’t guarantee any of the possible outcomes, good or bad.

The fuck?

Even before general knowledge of the Pacific Ocean’s air current became must-have info, I watched enough Jillian Barberie to know that whatever happens over there (even if it is 18 hours in future) will trickle over the Pacific Ocean, if it had a “reason” to. Super-charged particles of radiation are definitely a “reason.” It’s moments like these that help us to appreciate how truly small the planet is, or at least, they should. A lot of so-called “people” are shallow zombies or thoughtless twits, though, so I’m never surprised by the silly & the ridiculous actions of others.

Yesterday morning, I was met with what I consider a “test.” A woman outrightly “disrespected” me (whatever the hell that means), & although I would’ve been completely in the right if I had’ve knocked her down, I chose not to act like that. I’ve become accustomed to turning the other cheek & all that. It’s part of the humility I developed after I didn’t alcohol myself to death. Aside from that, it only took me but a few seconds to “look” ahead & envision what types of reactions would follow my action. That’s called “forecasting.” Forecasting is one of those things that, if you’re never taught to do it properly, it can get you in trouble. [Sidenote: That may also have something to do with the prison population & divorce rate as well, but that’s for another day.] Not only did that small, rational recognition probably help me to avoid getting arrested, but it also reminded me how quickly a scenario can change. The 5 minute factor, indeed. That woman had no clue how many bills I have or what my wife & I were arguing about or how much I dislike people. & in the same vein, she had no idea what she was not prepared for, if you smell my cologne. The thing about that is, are you? More importantly, Japan wasn’t, & if that doesn’t mean anything to you, God bless you, & enjoy your bliss.

I’m not gonna climb any higher on my soap box & tell people to start getting ready for something both grandiose & non-specific, especially since I have other things to do, but my point still remains. Shit happens. Be prepared. Also, give flowers now, because I’ve never seen a corpse or jewelry box full of ashes say “thank you.” In the bible, it says that the dead know of nothing (but don’t quote me) & for illustrative purposes, all this love that Nate Dogg is getting now, should’ve been apparent to him when he had has first stroke, some years ago. I’m guilty of it too, so most definitely no shots, just observations.

RIP to Nate Dogg & all those who have fallen as a result of the tragic events in Japan.


11 comments on “Nuclear Clouds, Jillian Barberie, & Why You Should Start Giving Flowers

  1. Nagan says:

    “Easy to love me now” – Nate Dogg from 21 questions

    Now can be too late more often enough, granted i am guilty of kinda wondering where Nate went in recent years rather than seeing were dudes life and career was. Show praise while you can, i echo the sentiments written in this post true dat


  2. Mark Dub says:

    Yo…if you and your fam need to escape the “Best Coast”, Louisiana, shit-storm that it is aside, has Cali-like heat, no earthquakes, and would serve as a safe-haven for a minute. Fux a hurricane though.


  3. $yk says:

    they’re predicting a quake for cali & the nw from the 19-26

    super full moon this weekend (i saw it last nite) and the spring season and the fish and quake all are preludes. even that super solar flare a couple of weeks back was a sign like the new zealand stuff. and chile had a rumbling today


    • Tony Grands says:

      I may be off by a few inches, but the aztec’s didn’t say the world owould end, they said it would change, or something to that effect.


      • $yk says:

        i do believe in the polar shift…i’ve been studying magnetism

        “BERKLAND: Changes — changes in the magnetic field that off then precede larger earthquakes. Most animals have the mineral magnetite in their bodies, including people. But it causes homing pigeons to enable them to get home. Just before big quakes, they often can’t get home. There is the delay factor. So we look for those kinds of things.

        Just before the World Series quake there was very unusual beaching of rare whales in the Ocean Beach, in San Francisco. Just after that, a equally rare pigmy sperm whale washed up at Santa Cruz, within about five miles of the epicenter of the World Series quake. That kind of beaching had never occurred before nor since. So we’re looking for strange fish coming into from deepwater to the shallow water, wild animals coming into cities.

        I used to just scoff at these kinds of things, because I was a mainstream geologist until I found out that earthquakes are fitting a pattern. The big earthquake in the Indian Ocean followed massive beachings of whales in Taiwan — not Taiwan, but New Zealand and Australia and Tasmania. And then within couple of days, they had a 8.3 in south of New Zealand, and then came the 9.1 in the Indian Ocean, with the big tsunami, on the very day of the fool moon.”


        • Nagan says:

          Yeah the earth is overdue for a polar reversal by alot of years

          I don’t really subscribe too much to the 2012 thang that much on it being the end of the world type thing ,but we are overdue for the magnetic poles shifting. From what i have read a shifting in the poles plays a part in the earths interanl magnetosphere which could affect the tectonic plates and in turn earthquakes volcanoes etc being increased. the sun unleashing flares could be helping it along too.

          then again i aint an academic,in having never been to a tertiary education institution kinda sense ,i just feed my mind by reading. i know a couple of the regulars here have got their science on , so consider this post as athe work of an amateur i guess, just a lil food for thought


  4. HotCocoG says:

    I love flowers!! 🙂


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