5 Things Scarier To Me Than Terrorism


With all due respect…

5. Embedded hatred.

4. My community.

3. Unfamiliar vagina(s).

2. Senior citizens with driver’s licenses.

1. God’s memory.

*Bonus – The fact that Adolf Hitler & Osama bin Laden both “died” on the same day.


10 comments on “5 Things Scarier To Me Than Terrorism

  1. Nagan says:

    As a personal fear i would add the US government to the list.


  2. Mark Dub says:

    Great 5. You are on point with this one. I’m SO afraid when I see someone 70+ driving. **shivers



    Unfamiliar vaginas can be quite the adventure 🙂


  4. Capital G says:

    Is it the threat of having to find brand new and therefore unfamiliar ‘tang (assuming wifey wasn’t in the picture)? Expand on that one a lil’ bit. New pussy will make a man feel like a million bucks (for a second, then fear of new std’s and babies comes into play).


    • Tony Grands says:

      Unfamiliar tang may be diseased or “on the loose,” but you don’t know because it’s unfamiliar (hence that threat of STD’s).

      However, new ‘tang doesn’t necessarily have to be unfamiliar. Mighta grown up on the same block, or been “friends” for years, then 1 day, wind up humping…


  5. DV says:

    if you ask God to forgive you then he not only does, but he forgets your offense as well # just sayin

    I think the condom breaking would be number 1 for me. Had a couple of chicks “fake” a pregnancy on me. Scared the shit out of me.


  6. Tony Grands says:

    Unfamiliar vagina & God’s memory were general & more symbolic than actual, I guess.

    Cat couldn’t get any points for that bonus though, huh? By now, over the months, my bonus points should’ve earned me a few freebies.


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