Top 50 Hip Hop Accessories Of All Time: 50-31


^top 50…

Like women, every successful rapper needs some sort of accessory to complete them. (No shots, just observations.) A hat, a pinky ring, a custom-made gun holster, whatever the case may be. It’s a part of who they are, literally & figuratively. Hip Hop is full of clowns & characters with various garbs of leather & wood, & they wouldn’t be the same without the seemingly invisible idiosyncrasies that go along with them. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Unlike the gimmick, the accessory enhances, rather than defines, if that makes any sense.

Join R&WIFDP as we salute Hip Hop’s top 50 accessories of all time. Keep in mind, we’re totally aware that time hasn’t ended & we still have over a year until December 2012, so it’s mathematically impossible to actually assemble such a list. We agree, wholeheartedly. However, though, calling it “50 Things Rappers Be Having For No Reason” seemed lame once it was typed out. (But it feels like I was on to something with that title, so I stuck a pin it in…)

Relax & reminisce with us, & please chime in. Let’s discuss this, lest we leave it to the current generation to tell “our” story. Plus, what the hell is the point of a list if it’s not discussed, even if only midly.

Nonetheless, let’s go…!

50. Masks

49. Truck Jewels

48. Hand Gestures

47. Du-rags

46. Gold Ropes

45. Grills

44. Shirtlessness

43. Movie Careers

42. Body Art

41. Bracelets

40. Designer Scarves

39. “Get Money” Hand Rubs (also known as “The Birdman”)

38. Wads Of Cash

37. Headbands

36. The DJ

35. Drug Habits

34. Firearms

33. Suicidal Tendencies

32. Mugshots

31. Dreadlocks

[30-11 HERE]


2 comments on “Top 50 Hip Hop Accessories Of All Time: 50-31

  1. Mark Dub says:

    Geez…looking at this list and reflecting on how many of these things I’ve possessed over the years….Grands….I don’t know if I’m hip hop anymore…


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