CHORDZ 3D (of D.R.U.G.S.) & Tony Grands Talk Iggy Azalea, L.A. Rappers, & Inspiration


(^CHORDZ 3D in the green)

Whether you understand her art or not, Iggy Azalea’s all over your internet like white on rice. (No pun intended.) Her video, “PU$$Y,” has been stirring up controversy (being pulled from Youtube over a dispute with the video’s director) as well fan adornment. & via Twitter, I’m literally watching a star being born. Behind every good musician, though, is a good producer, & her producer is also a personal friend of mine. His name is CHORDZ 3D, & I’ve watched him work diligently for years to achieve the recognition that’s goes along with being the beatsmith for one of the ‘net’s brightest new artists. Aside from executive producing Iggy Azalea’s debut mixtape “IGNORANT ART,” 3D is also working with rappers YG & Problem, among many others.

I pulled CHORDZ away from his MPC & headphones for a few moments to chat about where he’s from, Iggy Azalea, & what he thinks about Cali’s current crop of rap talent.

Tony Grands: For those who don’t know who you are, introduce yourself & what/where you represent.
CHORDZ 3D: My name’s CHORDZ 3D and I’m from a crew called D.R.U.G.S. I was born & raised in L.A. [California].

TG: Professionally as a producer, how long have you been in the music business?
3D: I’ve been making music since I was kid. I learned from my pops. I’ve been in the music industry professionally for about 8 years now.

TG: I imagine there’s a funny story to tell about how you met IGGY AZALEA. She just has that vibe. How did you 2 hook up?
3D: I met Iggy thru a mutual friend, George Robertson, her manager. They came through to my studio, SPACED OUT, a few months ago, & we’ve been working together ever since.

TG: How do you feel about how quickly she was accepted by Hip Hop fans?
3D: I knew Iggy was a star from the moment I met her. When we did “PU$$Y,” I knew we we’re on to something, & it would be just a matter of time before the world see’s what I saw. I’m grateful that the response has been positive so far.

TG: Tell me more about D.R.U.G.S…
3D: D.R.U.G.S. (which is an acronym for Directing Reality Understanding Governed Systems) is a group of artists, producers, & musicians from all over. We’ve come together to save the world from mediocrity. We don’t follow rules.

TG: Is it hard to produce [music] for an artist in today’s fickle music market?
3D: Music is all about vibe, so when you have the right chemistry with someone, it’s easy to create. I never try to force it.

TG: What do you listen to when you’re not listening to your artists?
3D: I always pay attention what’s on the charts.

TG: Give me your input on west coast Hip Hop & rap artists today. Are “we” on top of the rap game right now?
3D: There’s a lot of dope cats on the rise from L.A. You got YG, TY$, Nipsey [Hussle], Kendrick [Lamar], Problem, Dom [Kennedy]  and many more. I love where West Coast music is going right now.

TG: What’s up next for Chordz & D.R.U.G.S?
3D: [Support] All the projects we’re apart of; Just Re’d Up, House on the Hill, Pineapple Now n Laters, The Experience, A Sucker for Pumps, & Ignorant Art just to name a few. & next, we have this kid named AJ Subat we’re working with. He’s really talented.

TG: Lastly, what’s your producer’s checklist for working in the studio?
3D: My MPC, crazy synths, good food, & great vibes are all I need in the studio to make wonders happen. I get my inspiration from all over.

Contact CHORDZ 3D:
Read IGGY AZALEA’s interview with Tony Grands here.
Download IGGY’s “IGNORANT ART” Mixtape here.


3 comments on “CHORDZ 3D (of D.R.U.G.S.) & Tony Grands Talk Iggy Azalea, L.A. Rappers, & Inspiration

  1. DV says:

    cool to see someone blow up before your eyes. i checked out her FB page after reading about her here and let her know about it. She even hit me back (she is grateful for the Grands interview BTW). Then like 2 weeks later she is all over the place and the net has gon crazy about her. She probably doubled her “friend” count in the matter of 1 week from the time when she added me.


  2. Mark Dub says:

    Grands…you’re desire to give new artists some shine is one of the primo reasons I fux w/this site. Since you’re sharing the wealth, could this be considered musical-socialism? LOL


    • Tony Grands says:

      @MDub Just trying to play my position, lol.

      @DV I have cats on my Twitter timeline who have began to literally stalk her. She dropped PU$$Y about a week & a half after our interview. The search terms immediately went from Kreayshawn to Iggy. It was pretty awesome to see.


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