The Headlines 12/13/11


Canibus Retracts J. Cole Diss Song And Comments Made [hiphopdx]

David Stern tramples LA hopes when he should’ve walked away [latimes]

G-Unit Rapper 40 Glocc Tweets Response To Domestic Violence Charges [taletela]

Is Apple vulnerable in 2012? You bet [cnet]

Uncle Sam to MC Hammer — Pay Me My $700000 in Taxes! [tmz]

Ex-coach Jerry Sandusky eager to face accusers [freep]

Obama calls on Iran to give back downed US drone [usatoday]

Virginia eyes tax incentives for space burials [dvice]


2 comments on “The Headlines 12/13/11

  1. Mark Dub says:

    I don’t know what Canibus trying to accomplish. His reason for taking J Cole was empty. If he wanted to get some attention for himself, Why not try to make some good music for a change?

    David Stern is a fraud ass punk. He’s always talking about how he made moves to bring “good will” to the game, and then pulls this shit twice. Stern, get your head outta your ass and make this shit happen.


  2. $yk says:

    people…I would strongly suggest that you indulge in this info…

    ^ easier understanding

    ^ new language

    vote is on thursday…seeing plenty of commercials now…if this passes…might as well hang it up…IMO it’s more important than anything discussed right now…

    quick examples…vevo would handle all artists’ music…anything on Google (YouTube) would be taken down…anything uploaded would get your packet (computer) inspected by the alphabet boys…shut your site down…flagged spammers would get your site shut down and get you flagged…



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