Ear Hustlin’: New Music By PAC DIV x Boog Brown x DCK VNNGT x The Outdoorsmen x yU x Sean Hines

PAC DIV feat. Casey Veggies & Skeme
“Top Down”
Latest single from “The Div,” which is available at any digital retailer. Catch Pac Div on the road as they continue to perform around the world, with tours currently scheduled across the United States, South Africa, and Europe.

Boog Brown
“My Love” (Georgia Muldrow RMX)
Boog’s “The Brown Study Remixes” is out a week early today @ itunes! To celebrate, Boog is giving away the stellar track “My Love,” produced by west coast funk creator Georgia Anne Muldrow.

DCK VNNGT (Pronounced Dick Vonnegut)
Uncommon Records proudly present DCK VNNGT’s debut EP “MDR DTH KLL.”  DCK VNNGT is what would happen if the DNA of the Dead Kennedys and Dr. Octagon were spliced together. The EP features original production from Nasa, Ormo, & more.

The Outdoorsmen
“Pardon (The Bitch Been On My Mind All Week)”
Meyhem Lauren, Action Bronson, & Jay Steele are The Outdoorsman. Mixtape coming soon…

yU Discusses Album “The EARN”

Sean Hines Interview W/Hot 97 Boston’s DJ Chubby Chubb


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