NBA Report: The Many Faces Of David Stern


Words by Phlip

If you were a New Orleans Hornets fan, go ahead and start practicing yelling “Who Dat” as your Saints are 10-3 and, with Minnesota, Carolina and Atlanta left on their schedule, will finish this season 10-6 and play a home game or two in the playoffs. This matters in an NBA discussion because we can go ahead and mark the Hornets for dead as a competitor and soon enough as a franchise.

After the league blocked the CP3-to-Lakers deal “for basketball reasons” that were not understood by anyone who understands basketball, NOLa General Manager Dell Demps had a deal in order for the OTHER LA team to send Chris Paul to LA in exchange for Al-Farooq Aminu, Chris Kaman, Eric Bledsoe and a draft pick. Since the “Basketball Reasons” excuse had already been played and would make less sense when discussing the “Cripples” (as we like to call them), the league offices (Read: David Stern himself) stepped in and ruined the deal by making an unrealistic request in that the Clippers also include Eric Gordon in the deal. “Too steep, y’all keep him” was the Clippers response, and they promptly saved the rest of the league from Miami securing a competent Point Guard by snatching Chauncey Billups off of waivers before the Heat could.

Dueling conspiracies abound here…

I have already opined that the league is trying to ruin the Hornets so as to sell to someone in another market or just close up shop. I cannot, however, say that this is coming from the group who was actually tasked to run the show in the GM and Directors of Operations, as they have TRIED to make moves to make the team better, younger or to bring on draft picks and/or expiring contracts that could be used to build or buy up into competitiveness. I would not be surprised to see the Hornets try – and arrive to terms on – one more deal to trade Chris Paul and it get blocked by the league and then Dell Demps resign as General Manager in frustration.

And then back to my tried-and-true “blame LeBron” answer. No, stick with me here. A large part of the fact that we aren’t a month and a half into basketball season instead of 2 weeks UNTIL basketball season stems from owners pistivity over the servants having rights as it related to the running of the plantation. No more evident of the “exercising my rights” thing than when the Miami Heat let one of their players collide with a couple of his All-Star friends to come and join him and try to become the Mon-Stars and win some championships. Hostilities among owners of teams on which these players would have never played anyway commenced, coming to a head with the lockout and bullying into a bad-for-everyone collective bargaining agreement designed to prevent players from being able to do that by means of making it so teams who pay these players what they’re worth profit less from their desired outcomes by way of punitive luxury taxes. The pet reason applied for this was “competition” and “parity,” but in a league where 9 franchises out of 30 have won ALL of the NBA championships of the past 31 years with two teams sharing more than half of that, there is no such thing as parity in the NBA. Therefore, it was not parity, nor was it profitability. The issue was that an employee – in this case we won’t name any names, so we will just call the guy “LeBron James” – was well within his rights to take an action that happened to embarrass a whole franchise and expose its owner as immature and petty. Sure “LeBron’s” actions in themselves were quite pedantic as well, and it would take him a full year to realize it and more than that to actually cop to it, but it was PRECISELY this moment that led to the hostilities from the league offices toward superstar players behaving within their rights.

And you know what? IT WON’T WORK!!!

I would bet money that one of six out of those 9 teams – Los Angeles Lakers, Philadelphia 76ers, Boston Celtics, Detroit Pistons, Chicago Bulls, Houston Rockets, San Antonio Spurs, Miami Heat, Dallas Mavericks – will be this year’s NBA champions (remove Philly, Houston and Detroit from the conversation now). For all the wrangling, bullying and pettiness this whole lockout fiasco will have been for nothing more than to appease small market owners, specifically Dan Gilbert and Michael Jordan, with the false hope that their franchises might too one day compete for championships. No amount of skewing advantages to help small market teams will make athletes want to live in Ohio or North Carolina (and I LIVE in NC!) in large enough numbers to ever make their franchises successful.

David Stern was once quoted saying “heck, my dream NBA Finals matchup would be The Lakers vs The Lakers,” suggestive that he knows that HIS bottom line is in having the most sellable product available, even if that means letting the small market teams not in San Antonio (as they seem to get along just fine and always have) be satisfied with what they have, not to lie to them and tell them “yes, Michael, you too one day will have something similar to the Bulls or Lakers here in Charlotte.” Sure, you work to appease the one person who MADE you, but to suggest that you believe these lies when you sell them to fans who know better and in the face of previous statements made makes you, David Stern, a liar and suggests that you lack respect for a lot of peoples’ intelligence.

Words by Phlip


10 comments on “NBA Report: The Many Faces Of David Stern

  1. Jhon Da Analyst says:

    Why haven’t more people spoken about this? Especially current and former prominent NBA players. It seems to me like Chris Paul was running for his freedom and his “master/owner” said “No way Jose”…this set black athletes namely B-Ballers back 135 years. SMDH…


  2. markdub7 says:

    If you were a New Orleans Hornets fan, go ahead and start practicing yelling “Who Dat” as your Saints are 10-3 and, with Minnesota, Carolina and Atlanta left on their schedule, will finish this season 10-6 and play a home game or two in the playoffs.

    Phlip…are you serious? You REALLY believe the Saints, with the way that they’ve been playing, will lose to Minnesota, Carolina, OR Atlanta? I value your views too much to believe that you even believe that tripe.

    Now…onto CP3. FINALLY, they completed a deal, and I am CERTAIN that Stern only allowed it to go down to save face b/c btwn the lockout and his killing the Big 3 dream of having a Bryant, Paul, Howard lineup, Stern’s rep is shit.


  3. Phlip says:

    Yeah, I fudged up too… that part at the top about the Saints SHOULD have read that they would finish 13-3, they ain’t losing ANY of those games, lol.


    • markdub7 says:

      I do appreciate that….b/c the only good thing that came outta losing CP3 was getting Eric Gordon, and the draft pick. It’ll help me sleep a little easier. I’m actually still PISSED for Kobe. What parts are they allowed to get to make their team better? What’s too much? Stern needs to get a hot cup of SITCHOASSDOWN.


  4. Riq says:

    Good read other than the Saints final record but I see you caught that lol! I feel that Stern at this point no longer cares. I think he made promises to alot of “new” NBA owners that he knew he couldn’t deliver for. The “new” NBA owner is a person like Dan Gilbert and Michael Jordan. They bought these franchises not because they want to win, they bought them to make money. Ofcourse there is nothing wrong with wanting to turn a profit but they feel that they should make a profit no matter how shitty they run their businesses. That is where things have gone wrong. These owners have a sense of entitlement because they own these franchises and this is David Sterns fault. All this small market crap is nothing but excuses. Miami has never been a big market, not even after we got our first championship. As a matter of fact, last year was the first year Micky Arison made a profit (thanks to all the new Heat fans) but Micky never bitched about, all he did was gey better. All these excuses is a way of David Stern making Danny Girl and MJ feel good while he gets ready to retire. Soon Adam Silver will run the NBA and looking at the way he handled the lockout, I see dark days for the NBA’s future.

    Sorry for the long post, I get worked up when I talk about the crap that has gone on in the past week.


  5. Riq says:

    It’s sad how badly David Stern has handled this. He has bent to the will of mainly two money hungry, nobody owners. Sure he thinks that he is doing good for the small market teams but the truth is even the so called “small market team” fans don’t like what the NBA pulled this week. The NBA has fallen into this imaginary small market vs big market team bullshit. I’ll give an example that I gave on zilvia. The Miami Heat have never been a big market team not even after we got our first championship. Nevermind what ESPN claims today. The Heat became a big matket once LBJ came here. Micky Arison, the person that took ownership of the franchise in 1993 has never seen a profit, not even in our championship season. Last season was the first year that he did. But no one ever heard his name as a hardline owner in 1995, 98, 05 or this year. Micky bought the Heat because he is a basketball fan, not because its a business. The point of me mentioning Micky is that the NBA is full of owners with entitlement issues. They feel that no matter how bad they run their franchise they should turn a profit. The reason they each want a supetstar is to sell more tickets and sadly I feel that Adam Silver is going to continue to push for this 6 yrs into this cba.


  6. Riq says:

    Ha I just posted two long ass messeges because my first one didn’t pop up when I first hit “post comment”. Sorry for the semi double posts but they both mostly say the samething.


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