5 Reasons Why Common Would Win In A Rap Battle With Drake


5. When Westside Connection took (what many consider) Common’s most popular song & turned it against him, Common responded & fought back. “The Bitch In Yoo” is still considered one of the best rap response records ever. Drake, however, hasn’t even (lyrically) responded to any of his many disses, yet.

4. Common (Sense) hit the rap scene wearing Timberlands, rocking Jansport’s, begging for beer money, & rapping like his lightskinned reputation depended on it. That’s the rap struggle the new generation doesn’t know about. When rap was a sport, rather than a show, so to speak. Nonetheless, not only did Drake come out telling us to “thank” him later, but he didn’t seem to have the slightest bit of hunger. Arrogance loses to starvation almost 90% of the time, & I don’t think it’ll take much for Com to reopen that 90’s rapper pipeline.

3. Common’s from Chicago. Home of the Derrion Albert murder. That statement alone body’s anything that’s happened in Toronto over the last 10 years (but feel free to enlighten me).

2. Because I believe that Heavy D is rooting for Common, & he’s close enough to God to pull a few strings, should the need arise.

1. I’ve seen Common shoot at people in at least two movies, & one of them died as a result. Also, if I’m not mistaken, he even died in Street Kings. As far as Aubrey is concerned, not only has he not had any action roles (unless you count when he broke his leg on stage), but he got shot & crippled on “Degrassi,” without so much as returning fire. One’s street cred certainly loses a stripe after a nerd guns them down, but being the only Black kid on the basketball team AND getting shot in the hallway is a karmic road map to losing. Even if it’s at a rap battle.

In all seriousness, though, this is probably the battle that Hip Hop needs after such a violent, tumultuous year. Hopefully the next year will bring a renewal of insular respect in the Hip Hop community. (If such a thing still exists in the near future.)


13 comments on “5 Reasons Why Common Would Win In A Rap Battle With Drake

  1. I don’t think Drake want it with Common. Either way it pans out it’ll be interesting. I think it’ll end with Drake apologizing though.


  2. I hope Common is sincere and isn’t acting on behest of The Throne. That being said, let the high-yellow shenanigans commence.


  3. Curtis75Black says:

    I feel COMMOM should go at Drake just cause his Producer opened his mouth to talk shit on Twitter !! If you stand in the line of fire, you will get sprayed (remember Wyclef & Tyson). Other than that Drake at the moment doesn’t have any stripes to be acting cocky with his mannerisms on stage with that “SAY IT TO MY FACE” BS !! Sales only mean peeps are liking you enough to buy your shit. If Drake really wants respect, bring it back to Common with as Samuel L Jackson would say “FURIOUS ANGER” !! So the world you’re not just a Pretty boy from Canada signed to the top machine at the moment.


  4. DV says:

    The sad part is the majority of folk out there who dont know better cant see past Com’s “Baduizm” days. People really out there saying Com dont want it, lol. They not knowing (or forgot) that this the guy who dissed Ice Cube in LA at the House of Blues back when beef was real.

    In anticipation of Com’s new album, Ive listen to all his albums in my collection recently and it got me thinking……..

    Compared to your personal Top 5 or 10 list, where does Common rank? if he isnt in your Top 10 why not?


  5. $yk says:

    “Arrogance loses to starvation almost 90% of the time, & I don’t think it’ll take much for Com to reopen that 90′s rapper pipeline.”

    ^ so-sig

    & shouts to 40 revealing his Twitter gangster mannerisms…


  6. […] 5 Reasons Why Common Would Win In A Rap Battle With Drake by Tony Grands […]


  7. Jonathan says:

    Yo! I got into an argument with a co-worker in a meeting over this! This shit will wind up on their computer tomorrow!


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