The Headlines 12/22/11

Aspiring Rapper Sentenced to 5 Years in Alleged Lyric Threat Case [foxnews]

First True ‘Alien Earth’ May Be Found in 2012 [msnbc]

Waka Flocka & Gucci Mane Footing GIANT Funeral Bill for Murdered Rapper [tmz]

US Chamber of Commerce Said to Be Hit by China-Based Hackers [businessweek]

Kendrick Lamar Taps Just Blaze and Pete Rock for Upcoming Album [thisbeatgoes]

Lamborghini driver crashes car hours after winning it [reuters]

LeBron James says he is back to having fun again [usatoday]

Kobe Bryant Day-to-Day With Torn Wrist Ligament [abcnews]

Young Buck’s Assets Face Liquidation, Rapper Preps Maybach Music Mixtape [ballerstatus]

Obama urges payroll tax deal [suntimes]


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