The Headlines 12/29/11


Lil Wayne Not Dead – Fake Death, Heart Attack Story Strikes Rapper [lalate]

Christmas Solar Eruption to Hit Earth and Mars [discovery]

Common’s ‘The Dreamer, The Believer’ Cracks Billboard Top 20 in Album Sales [thisbeatgoes]

Weapons Sales to Iraq Move Ahead Despite US Worries [nytimes]

Brother J Talks “The Best Of X-Clan” And Blending With The Drake Sound [hiphopdx]

5 social network predictions for 2012 [cnet]

D12 Rapper Bizarre Gets A Tattoo Of Nicki Minaj [mtv]

Maybach Music Group Artist Pill Calls Out His Label [hiphopwired]

Drake Jacket: Rapper Sells $4900 Buffalo Leather in US [theboombox]

Michael Buble defeats Young Jeezy’s “Hustlerz Ambition” [reuters]


5 comments on “The Headlines 12/29/11

  1. Mark Dub says:

    Bizarre getting a tatt of Nicki? No…that’s not creepy. SMH

    Pill went DIRECTLY at his label, and it seems w/good reason. I too wonder how Rawse will respond. Hopefully with giving the man some shine.


  2. Technique says:

    Pill shouldn’t have signed with a major because he doesn’t have radio hit songs. You would think dudes would have learned independent is the way to go. And that Facebook and Twitter and all the other online outlets can get you a following that will support and STAY SUPPORTING!


  3. Tony Grands says:

    Cats on Twitter bullied him into that rant. Trust. I know a few dudes who stay fucking with him about his MMG situation.

    @DV Twitter can also knock a cat off course. That love/hate thing that Twitter emits is hella influential.


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