The Headlines 12/30/11


Columbus voyage tied to syphilis spread [usatoday]

Appeals Court Upholds Rapper C-Murder’s Conviction, Life Sentence [hollywoodreporter]

Sun Storms May Affect Radios, Cell Phones [abcnews]

Rapper Flavor Flav to Appear on ABC’s CELEBRITY WIFE SWAP [broadwayworld]

Michael Jordan engaged to longtime girlfriend [bostonherald]

Kindle Fire Helps Amazon Set Holiday Sales Record [pcworld]

Google+ axes MG Siegler’s ‘offensive’ profile picture [digitaltrends]

LMFAO’s Redfoo Opens Up About Honduras Concert Fire [mtv]

China unveils ambitious 5-year space plan [seattletimes]

New Year’s Eve Survival Guide [foxnews]


One comment on “The Headlines 12/30/11

  1. Mark Dub says:

    So instead of crediting Columbus w/”discovering America”, we can properly credit him with converting syphilis to a venereal disease, and spreading it to his people back home. Congrats, you rapist, racist, colonizing piece of shit.

    Let me be among the first to admit that you will NEVER see me wearing a Free C-Murder tee shirt. Score one for the justice system.


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