Ear Hustlin’: Sticky Fingaz “Rap Starr” [VIDEO]


Everything you need to know in order to be a successful rapper – in today’s market – is right here, courtesy of Sticky Fingaz, 100 MAD, & Myster DL.



2 comments on “Ear Hustlin’: Sticky Fingaz “Rap Starr” [VIDEO]

  1. Nagan says:

    Sticky, stick em!!! Digging this song a lot. Sticky still has got the goods. Pity the reality of the modern hip-hop biz is pretty much exactly like this song


  2. DV says:

    “you can even sell records, even though your good”

    ” too fool the public we gotta do a little more then buy back your CD”

    Sidenote: Recently took 2 trips to Best Buy and saw a shitload of Jeezy ( I though he dropped the Young) albums just taking up shelf space,. Meanwhile they where sold out of The Roots (still) and Common was almost sold out. Guessing they didnt order as many of those 2 albums as they did Jeezys.


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