In The News 1/6/12


The Most Anticipated Hip Hop Albums Of 2012 /HipHopDX/

For Casey Anthony, ‘things are starting to look up,’ she says /HuffingtonPost/

Oh, Good: Azealia Banks and Kreayshawn are Twit-Beefing Already /PopDust/

Apple said to threaten legal action over Steve Jobs doll /PCMag/

Apple’s Siri Feature Doubles IPhone Data Usage /Bloomberg/

Nick Cannon, Still in Hospital, Gets “Back to Business” /EOnline/

Rapper Aggro Santos to face trial accused of two rapes /BBC/

Climate change could lead to massive and unprecedented extinctions /TheStateColumn/

Toxic releases rose 16 percent in 2010, EPA says /WashingtonPost/

What mystifies Dr. Stephen Hawking? Women /MSNBC/


One comment on “In The News 1/6/12

  1. markdub7 says:

    Just let me know when Azealia tears into Krayola. It won’t even be a contest.

    Stephen Hawking a player? Who knew? LOL. If a cat w/a motor neuron disease can get laid, there’s hope for us all. LOL


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