In The News 1/10/12


Jay-Z reveals Beyonce’s miscarriage in ode to daughter [Reuters]

Windows 8 Meets Eye-Tracking At CES 2012 [InformationWeek]

Common Drops Drake Diss, Airs Out Rapper & Labels His Songs ‘Hoe Music’ [BallerStatus]

Elton John to publish book about AIDS [DailyGossip]

Just call these ‘Blue Ivy Facts’ [USAToday]

For the Lakers, rest is history, and everything else is a mystery [LATimes]

Why Do Rappers Love Suicide Doors? [Slate]

Frank Darabont’s epic, rejected plan for ‘Walking Dead’ season 2 revealed? [EW]

The Top 10 Hip-Hop Songs Dedicated To Sons & Daughters [HipHopWired]

5 Surprising Weight-Loss Strategies that Work (Hint: Diets Don’t) [Forbes]


2 comments on “In The News 1/10/12

  1. markdub7 says:

    I think that it’s dope that Jay made a song and dedicated it to his new daughter. Dude stays winning when he’s sincere.

    Eye controled tablets? ILL!

    Common vs. Drake? C’mon Light-skinteds! I thought we was supposed to be brothers? LOL


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