Jay-Z & Beyonce Exposed For What They Really Are


For what it’s worth, these two people – respectively – are far from your run-of-the-mill examples of entertainer(s).

Jay-Z, in all his bedazzled stardom, began his career like most rappers: rapping about shit that he saw. & like most rappers, that entailed drugs, violence, police brutality, etc. Legend has it that Jay spent a fair amount of time scrambling around the projects as a young man, but at this juncture in his already prolific life, that’s merely a footnote whose authenticity isn’t nearly as important to his legend as it’s folklore. At some point between Sophie & “Reasonable Doubt,” Shawn Carter started to gain momentum. Without giving a Hip Hop history lesson, this is when he officially stopped being a rapper & began becoming a one-man corporation. While most rappers were planning their next diss song or criminal activity in the name of self promotion, Jay – apparently – was plotting his future.

Meanwhile, Beyonce Knowles-Carter seems to have managed to avoid the romantic & fiscal mistakes that many of her less-successful contemporaries have made. Aside from her father’s overzealous nature, Beyonce’s core audience hasn’t witnessed a bunch of suitors, abusive relationships, or money mismanagement. (That’s what happens when you hire professionals to oversee your career.) It’s almost like her story is fabricated, contrived, too clean for today’s pop star. She has no (known) drug habit(s), no legal obligations, not even so much as a bastard kid or outstanding tax debt. & she’s accomplished these auxiliary tasks while becoming the biggest thing in R&B since Mariah Carey. (Mariah has since unofficially retired from music to pursue being crazy & Nick Cannon full-time.)

Both of these entertainers are vastly larger than the music they create. Fact. Beyonce makes little girls cry & grown men dance. Jay-Z is obviously an icon, trendsetter, well on his way to becoming the biggest rapper of all time. He tells tales of his criminal encounters, but Jay-Z Shawn has been making boardroom moves for years. His hostile takeovers involve mergers, acquisitions, & paperwork these days, as do Beyonce’s as well. So when news of a possible union between the two began floating around, the microscopes were called out in full force, preparing to scrutinize this couple to death, like any normal red-blooded American superstar couple deserves to be. But even with the paparazzi’s brute force & the internets taste for fresh blood, the couple eventually married, (& perhaps more importantly) stayed married, & a few days ago, produced another human life into this world. The moment someone outside that hospital said that baby’s name outloud, she instantly became the most famous person in the world, however briefly.

Since the day they had their child, the world has not been able to pull away from Jay & Bey’s (& B.I.’s) personal life. & that’s for good reason, too. Here is a relatively young, professional, African-American husband & wife team who embody dozens of values that “we” wish we could bestow upon our children. & that’s because – unfortunately – in most of “our” communities, role models are few & far between. So while minorities watch their lives with a sense of admiration, singing their songs & doing their dances, mainstream America celebrates the work, dedication, & effort that isn’t often displayed within the Hip Hop community. (Yes, Beyonce is Hip Hop. If Elmo is Hip Hop, surely Beyonce is.)

Not for nothing, but Jay-Z has earned the right to be arrogant, because he’s not ignorant, if you smell my cologne. & Beyonce can talk about how bootylicious her, um, booty is because she doesn’t wave it around like a feather duster. Not very often are there traditional families in the entertainment spotlight, much less loved-based relationships in the Hip Hop community, & I’m glad the media is giving the Carter’s so much (positive) shine. If Jay had’ve gotten arrested or Bey turned up unwed & pregnant, there would have been full episodes of TMZ about it. At least this way, America gets to see that the entire rap game isn’t the hate-fueled cage match that it appears to be, & possibly knock out a few ridiculous racial sterotypes while they’re at it.

Kudos to the Carters, & hats off to all the real fathers/husbands out there. (No pun intended.)


11 comments on “Jay-Z & Beyonce Exposed For What They Really Are

  1. markdub7 says:

    Hey….if white coulples can get crazy shiine and crazy paid for showcasing their love and chilluns in the news and tabloids, why shouldn’t we? It was said that Brad & Angelina got somewhere around 4 milli for pictures of their twins. Kudos to the Carters.


  2. Loki says:

    Illuminati….both of them


  3. Capital G says:

    Congrats to the new parents. That baby is gonna be spoiled (so what, I’m jealous)

    Loki, they ain’t Illuminati. They got crazy bread but definitely ain’t no part of some secret society. If everyone with some major pocket change was gonna be accused of being Illuminati then how come no one says this shit about Warren Buffet or Bill Gates? Rappers and singers ain’t got the inside track to world dominating nefariousness. Really.


    • Tony Grands says:

      Cap & Lo-

      My illuminati commentary comes from a place of humor usually, but for the sake of argument, I’d say “entertainment” would have a different kind of inside track with the nefarious aspect of the ‘Nati, if it were the case. They’d be smart enough to have attack points all throughout, to keep us confused (or feeling extra comfortable) if nothing else. Warren Buffet can’t confuse the random urban civilian because they probably don’t know who he is (emphasis on urban). But Jay? Shit, he convinced niggas to stop cutting their hair whilst sporting all black. If “I” were to “recruit” ppl to brainwash other ppl, I’d pick ppl that look like them to cut down on any confusion…

      That said, I don’t think Jay has enough negative energy to be considered a vessel of civil destruction, anyway. Cats have him out ignoranted by light years, no matter how much crack he says he hustled.


      • Capital G says:

        Fam, I grasp what you’re laying down. But all the Illuminati shit that gets spewed is bananas at this point. If done in jest, by all means, have at it. When people really start to believe that ridiculous drivel is what I have issues with. Illuminati is like a bad trending topic.


        • Tony Grands says:

          Totally agree.

          I told myself I was done with it this year once I noticed Rick Ross responding to it on more than one song, on more than one album. That’s when it became a matter of the artists buying into the hype just to keep the fires going. Like when Jay started sporting Crowley-isms on his clothing.


  4. Nagan says:

    Great writeup, Grand$. I give kudos to them too. they are role models for all peoples. but as a white dude i can see how much more of a positive influence it would be for the african american community. Makes a refreshing change to what’s usually portrayed in the media, and rappers and their ilk reinforce for the most part. P.E.A.C.E. Gravediggaz style.

    @Cap love the trending topic simile about the Illuminati.

    There is truth in bullshit sometimes, but i think the illumaniti is more shit than truth. the freemasons, often said the be the lower orders of the illumanti (or their recruitment arm) are kinda lame in reality.

    I was a heavy believer in the Illumaniti stuff in my teens (early to mid ’90’s), but after i found out my employer was a mason i decided to do a lil undercover work. Modern masonry , locally at least, is in serious decline.. since it used to be a son of a family member for recruitment, i normally wouldn’t have been eligible. but now young uns aren’t joining so they opened it up to peeps not related.I
    went to their Lodge and it was just a bunch of old dudes spitting old archaic drivel. with traditions stuck in the middle ages. All the local wealthy families were represented in their museum room and they wear wearing gold and stuff so no shortage of money there in the members.

    i got drunk after the ceremony with a few of them and quizzed them after showing signs of my willingness to join. they spilled some beans. My conclusion was that they try to portray themselves as a charitable organistation but they are kinda douchey with some of the money they splash around.Mason brothers come before anyone else. Just seemed like a rich dude club ,who through mason contacts allow others to become the same. Non mason rich dudes act pretty much the same so i don’t really buy into the secret society thing so much. People can be douches it’s just a natural human thang rather than a conspiracy thang in my experience. and nope i didn’t join because i do volunteer work away from that type of shit.

    Sorry Grand$ for the mini blog within a blog on an unrelated post, again a good post by yourself


  5. $yk says:

    if you and your boys can sit in the crib and scheme on ways to take over the block don’t think there isn’t a crew of masons that can’t do the same…apply the access and assets of major corporations, commodities and executive positions they hold when they have their meetings and you can see it’s more probable than impossible…we not talking about the OG who goes to the lodge and been working for the DMV for 20 years and you tapped his daughter in HS…

    this is not directed @ anybody in particular…and read up on Bill Gates’ dad before you give him a pass…


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  7. Daisy says:

    illuminati r so real so sayin dat thea bullshit z pure ignorance


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