In The News 1/12/12


Marines: Video shows troops urinating on corpses /MSNBC/

Blue Ivy Carter Youngest Person Ever To Appear On A Billboard Chart /Billboard/

Clippers cool Heat in overtime /USAToday/

Former Bad Boy Rapper Loon Remains Held in Belgium /ThisBeatGoes/

Blue Ivy Carter, Beyonce and Jay-Z’s Newborn, Mocked by Rapper 50 Cent /ABCNews/

Lakers go a long way to beat Jazz, 90-87, in overtime /LATimes/

Justin Bieber Is “Rap-Singing” For New Song With Lil Twist /GlobalGrind/

Fact-Checking Drake: Does Toronto Really Love Him? /NPR/

Kim Jong-il’s body to permanently lie in state, say North Korea officials /Telegraph/


10 comments on “In The News 1/12/12

  1. Nagan says:

    1. “He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster. And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

    Not saying the victims or the marines are “monsters exactly but war leaves no one unchanged

    5. Fiddy trolling again like usual

    7. i have only heard on rap of beiber’s but i think he didn’t too badly at it can’t hate on him for it (hip hop blog commentator card will probably get revoked for it lol)


  2. Mark Dub says:

    Marines taking a piss on the corpses of the fallen enemy does not paint a very positive picture of what our boys are doing over there. Other countries will see this sign of disrespect as just another reason to hate Americans. SMDH.

    Caught some of the Heat/Clippers game. Dope. CP3 looks good in LA.

    Kobe is a Tigershark Black Mamba Killer Whale freak-of-nature.


    • Tony Grands says:

      Have you seen the video?! Dude, this is some game-changing, catalyst shit. There will be hell to pay. Whoever these dudes are should be given credit for really delivering the death blow to whatever credibility (North) America had left in the world. If it’s authentic, which I hope it’s not.

      Hate America? How about a reason to really amp up this terrorist thing on a more domestic level… Watch your 6.


      • markdub7 says:

        The hatred that certain elements in this country that is nurtured and festers for Muslims is ridiculous. It’s breeding the kind of idiots that would violate and desecrate the enemy dead in this fashion, and they are practically begging for another 9/11. Of course, this country’s war-machine would like nothing more than for that to occur b/c they will benefit on the back end from that when they send their contractor friends to “rebuild” those war-torn countries that they engage.


      • Nagan says:

        Dunno about the (north) America bit, canada refused to participate in Iraq 2 and only had a minimal involvement in Afghanistan. The US are even half feared by their allies, kinda like a drunken bigger brother with issues. World Police? The US needs to clean it’s own house of the inequality and general doucheness of it own government before it tries to right the “wrongs” of the world.

        Them republican candidates scare me too, complete tools in my eyes. The US was feared and hated way before this. Hate in the true sense of the word not the general pop culture use of it.
        Pissing on the dead while i think it may not worsen the situation, would serve as a focal point to continue the hate for a long time indeed


        • Tony Grands says:

          It will definitely make the situation worse. Relieving your bladder on the deceased body of an enemy soldier on film? That’s a certifiable war crime, juice. This is the excuse ANYONE needs to push their anti-American agenda harder.

          North America has nothing to do with Canada – as far as what we are talking about. I’m speaking specifically about North America. That’s America. Washington DC, Los Angeles, New York, Racism, etc. When the word “infidel” gets tossed around, they’re not referring to the Maple Leafs or Drake, fam. South America & Canada don’t fuck with us like that, politically.


          • Nagan says:

            cheers for the clarification, in OZ (and most of the non US world) we refer to North America as the continent (including Canada) we call the the US that or just plain america. My previous comment was due to some personal experience with the refugees of the modern conflicts over there. they chose to repatriate to OZ rather than the US because of how shit goes down with the states own governmental policy. OZ is an ally of the US and involved in the same wars, but even though we are tainted with the same inequality to a degree (racism is rampant here but more directed to our first people and the Lebanese as much as it shames me)

            BTW infidel isn’t a word the muslims use. More a stereotypical hollywood thing.too long to get into the history of it, but they call non muslims, kafir.

            not trying to sound like a troll but i don’t have a gift with the written word thus what i type and what is conveyed come out kinda wrong sometimes.


  3. DV says:

    Kobe playing like hes on trial again. If he keeps this up hes gonna win MVP by a landslide.


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