5 Talking Points On Lil Wayne’s “Gone ‘Til November”


I’m sure you’ve heard about Lil Wayne’s latest attempts at being a DJ. Well, now you can add “author” to his, um, resumé.

Scheduled for November, Wayne is releasing a book based on his experience(s) in Rikers Island prison during his eight month vacation stay last year. No word on if the book will be digital or physical only, but I’m sure there will be the literary equivalent of a leak online sooner than later.

Word on the ‘net is that it’s like a journal or memoir, but who’s to say what to expect. Until then, here are five talking points on “Gone ‘Til November.”

5. If I had to pick a rapper more famous than Lil Wayne, I’d pick Jay-Z. & with that said, whatever Weezyanimal says will be idolized by the sheep & scrutinized by the watchers. Obviously Wayne’s contingency plan doesn’t hinge on political correctness, so I’m sure he isn’t too concerned with the parameters of his influence, but why a book about prison life? It wasn’t even a year of it. In fact, a lady got fired for trying to see Wayne while he was locked up. When that kind of shit happens to regular people, a new arrest & extra charges for the inmate usually follow. How exciting can this “book” really be?

4. I’d much rather read about how he’s able to transition in & out of America’s genres & sub-sects so easily while continuing to maintain a (lucrative) relationship with a core audience. Really, though. It takes ingenuity to perpetuate gang violence from atop a half-pipe.

3. By my score, Wayne has 4-5 kids. I’ve yet to hear any disparaging remarks about his skills as a dad, which is admittedly surprising, & also, he’s apparently not being hounded by any of the women, publicly, for anything. In all seriousness, Mel Gibson couldn’t even pull off this feat, & he does movies about religious suffering. That – short of pimping – is manual-worthy material. Dare I say relationship-worthy information? Perhaps? Alas, instead we’ll probably get poems about fantasy football championships & stories about dudes cleaning his shoes in exchange for album shoutouts.

2. He could take this opportunity & admit to the nose job he never speaks about. (Not that there’s anything wrong with plastic surgery. Also, he wears leggings. How much more damage could this do?)

1. He told Ms. Katie that he doesn’t read, & he told Hip Hop he doesn’t write. I smell a YMCMB conspiracy, something like what “they” tried to do to Roddy Piper & Keith David. As a precaution, you guys should keep your foreheads away from tattoo shops for the next 9 or so months.


2 comments on “5 Talking Points On Lil Wayne’s “Gone ‘Til November”

  1. markdub7 says:

    Word to No. 4 & No. 3. No. 4 is amazing b/c Wayne is respected and accepted by cats from nearly every genre. As little as I desire to give him credit, he markets himself WELL. No. 3 is a little easier to explain. The women he deals with are prah’li all embarrassed that they birthed one of his seeds within months of each other, which indicates that they fornicated w/a drug addled, syrup addicted midget who admittedly doesn’t read or write. Would you really wann stir up a public shit-storm and bring attention to that? LOL. Seriously though, I’ve known a couple of women who have dated (see: fucked) Wayne, and all say that despite the pimp he paints himself to be in his rhymes, he’s really respectful and gentleman like. Who knew? *Kanye shrug*


  2. DV says:

    Memoirs of PC huh?

    Well, atleast hes appeared to have learned something while he was down and has managed to stay out of trouble ever since and to that I tip my hat to him. But that is where it stops.


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