In The News 1/13/12


George Lucas says Hollywood won’t support black films‎ /BBC/

Lil Wayne to Publish Prison Memoir in November /Billboard/

Beijing Apple Store Pelted With Eggs at Botched IPhone Debut /Bloomberg/

2 Live Crew Rapper Campbell Turned Independent Film Star /NBCMiami/

Internet addiction causes brain changes similar to alcohol and drugs, study finds /FOXNews/

Asher Roth Denies Mac Miller Beef x Discusses Eminem Comparisons /ThisBeatGoes/

Lakers Coach Mike Brown to face former team for first time /LATimes/

Kendrick Lamar Says He Finished Recording His Debut Album /HipHopDX/

L.A. County Deputy Smuggles Heroin into Jail with Burrito /Complex/

US vows investigation of urination incident with corpses /USAToday/


2 comments on “In The News 1/13/12

  1. incaunipocrit says:

    Reblogged this on The Blogspaper.


  2. Nagan says:

    1. i caught that episode of the daily show, and i think it’s cool someone of Lucas’ standing spoke about it. The story of the tuskagee airmen is a pretty awesome showing of dudes fighting an enemy, but receiving bullshit treatment from cats in the same military.pity about the hollywood system, and i guess the general public, in a way. Would never see a movie about the black divisions in WWII infantary who smashed nazis with outstanding bravery and skill, either. Or the division of former japanese internees doing the similar with the same level of courage. Hollywood got Inglorious basterds made though…. (as fictious as it is)
    2. Excerpt from memoir Day 6 “i can haz meatloafs for dinner, yay. canz eatz it without sticking in my former grillz. iz happy lil wayne!!!” Day 12 “Bad man gangtaz stare badly at me in the foodz line, i iz scared igo go back to cell and criez very much. Blood fo Lifez!!!” Day 15 “Icantz believe jeggings are not standard issued clovez!!” Serious can’t see how interesting a book would be
    3. As an Apple hater i got to say, an apple a day keeps the doctor away. A mental health doctor, and their customers need it lol *hides*
    4. Uncle Luke has had a pretty interesting career cool there is a film about him coming out
    5. ya i can believe that. though my addiction is my annoying net commentating lol
    6. The way white rappers get all lumped together is kinda shitty. Judge on skill i say
    10. hope them marines get charged. A lot of middle eastern cats hate the US anyways but , it’s another log on the fire


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