5 Differences Between Sellouts & Salesmen


5. Sellouts put the gains before all else, including but not limited to: self worth, pride, & family. It becomes apparent rather quickly what motivates the sellout. Salesmen illustrate the positives for whatever it may be, & more importantly, provide the illusion of necessity, no matter the product. Often times, the only difference in a product being successful or failing is dependent upon how clever the peddler is.

4. Sellouts haggle. Haggling often denotes a lack of respect for whoever’s holding the purse strings. Whatever worth was determined beforehand isn’t good enough for the sellout because he knows best. Salesmen, on the other hand, negotiate, knowing that the cool hand is the hand in charge, word to Luke.

3. Sellouts are froggish, quick to jump at an opportunity with little to no trepidation about any possible backlash. Their world isn’t perpetual to real life, so this is rarely a problem. Salesmen think about today, as it affects tomorrow – as they should – because an unburned bridge means a place you can always return to. (If you smell my cologne.)

2. Salesmen take chances & risks for the sake for getting ahead, even if only in nominal increments. Sellouts are generally afraid to leave the comfort zone, thus stay with the familiar, even if/when it means tarnishing a proverbial legacy or two. For instance, a sellout comedian talks bad about his mom’s drug addiction on stage for laughs (& money). A salesmen comedian, though, makes you feel like you need to laugh with the jokes to get through the pain, like some form of thug therapy.

1. There is no difference, technically. Sellouts are salesmen without souls & salesmen are sellouts for the right cause.


4 comments on “5 Differences Between Sellouts & Salesmen

  1. Nagan says:

    number 1 is at it’s rightful place . though an artist versus either wins in my eyes, but people being people they gotta pay rent eat etc.


    • markdub7 says:

      co-sign. I can appreciate the struggle for honest artistic expression, but I don’t knock the hustle for cats trying to eat. Just know that if you’re trying to eat causes you to produce garbage, I will utilize my right to label as such, and you won’t be eating off of my hard-earned green.


  2. Tony Grands says:

    You can be a salesmen/sellout with anything, though, not just music. I didn’t even use the word “artist,” lol.


    • Nagan says:

      meh lol , i was tired. i meant to use the word in a sense of people doing things from the heart and love. like a singer in a shower with no audience to a writer with no books published but keeps on typing, because that is thier passion. without a care for failure. Brevity is the mark of a good writer, I’m not. (states evidence- any of my usual comments) so …. lol

      Kinda like a stripper can be a salesman with a cause (to uplift my morale after a hard week of work lol and profit from it). She can have a heart of gold and a chest to match but (golden tiitties? probably a fetish site for it somewhere… lol), i prefer the gal who shows them for the love. Of me i hope lol

      but it’s probably too much of a fantasy for the world to operate like that peeps need feeding and shelter. so i am cool with a sellout if they keep the core of their work to a degree and a salemans who ain’t selling shit. just i show more love to the cats who operate straight from their passion. whatever it may be


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