Ear Hustlin’: New Music By The Cranberry Show x Fokis x Stealth x Chaundon x Blacastan


The Cranberry Show
“Traffic Lights” (Produced by The Smash Boiz)
Djbooth.net & DonutsandMilk.com present The Cranberry Show’s slow-thumping ode to making one’s own lanes in crowded places. Be on the lookout for the forthcoming free album “Paranormal Karaoke.” Watch for it February 1st.

Fokis feat. Sadat X
Fokeezy, Sadat, & DJ Chonz’ offer up the second single from Fokis’ “A Vintage State Of Mind” mixtape.

“Lay Back In The Cut” (Directed by KD Gray)
Stealth takes Dr. Dre & Snoop Doggy Dogg’s “Tha Shiznit” & reanimates it. Camera work by the notable workaholic KD Gray.

#GoldenEraMondays drop, except it’s on Tuesday. Produced by Jansport J, laced by Chaundon, presented by Golden Era Music.

Blacastan feat. Emilio Lopez, OuterSpace, V-Zilla
“Sand Storms”
No hook. Raw raps. NORE sample. First release from Blacastan’s forthcoming LP “The Master Builder Part II,” with appearances from Slaine, Celph Titled, Moe Pope, OuterSpace, Mr. Green, Reef The Lost Cauze & more.


3 comments on “Ear Hustlin’: New Music By The Cranberry Show x Fokis x Stealth x Chaundon x Blacastan

  1. Nagan says:

    that yank golden era mob, make me think of the OZ dudes (our biggest hip hop label) .yank cats are okay but love the OZ cats to death


  2. Tony Grands says:

    Blacastan’s verse on Sandstorms has mucho rewindability…


    • Nagan says:

      hell yeah dude that track is strong as. will be checking for blacastan and his featured guests. got a killah priest , killa army type vibe. love it! cheers!


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