In The News 1/24/12

Nas says most hiphop artists are scared to visit Africa /GhanaWeb/

Solar storm sends charged particles toward Earth /LATimes/

Lil B Says “Rap Is A Joke” Because Of Inauthentic Rappers /HipHopDX/

Some file-sharing sites drop the sharing /USAToday/

Today’s pop stars are delusional, says rapper Ice-T /ZeeNews/

Rapper Alley Boy Talks New Mixtape “Nigganati” /AllHipHop/

How Involved Was Hip Hop Producer Swizz Beatz With Megaupload /Portfolio/

Are People Who Retire More Likely to Die? /Slate/

What if Brian Shaw became the Lakers’ head coach? /LATimes/

First patients shown to improve with embryonic stem cells /Reuters/

The Pregame Show (of Commercials) Begins /NYTimes/

Narcissistic men have higher levels of stress hormone /CNN/


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