NBA Report: What Lockout?


Words by Phlip

And with the packing up and giving away of the NFC Championship by my San Francisco 49ers – specifically receiver Kyle Williams – I can return my full focus to basketball.

I would say there has been a bit to talk about, but the fact is that the schedule and GUARANTEE of back-to-back games has worn on the older teams, to the point where…

  • the Celtics are looking so bad that the original “Big Three” (apparently except for Pierce, as he has been loyal to the organization and apparently they will do him the same) are on the trade blocks if the right deal comes along.
  • The Mavericks have allowed Dirk a week to get himself into shape. I actually chuckled at this, questioning “why hadn’t he bothered with being in shape over the summer?” Questions are being asked if he still has it or if he peaked in the Finals last year.
  • The Lakers have YET to locate an offensive cohesion and are losing embarrassingly, albeit to good teams.
  • No one is talking about the Phoenix Suns.
  • San Antonio can lose to the Kings and Rockets in consecutive outings.
  • Even the mighty Miami Heat can be caught off-guard, losing one to the Milwaukee Bucks.

    … meanwhile, youth is reveling in a season where fresh knees are rewarded and with that in mind….

  • No need to go any further into the Clippers, the media has been providing them that all season so far.
  • The Pacers and 76ers are looking quite impressive in the eastern conference these days, keep an eye on them.
  • The Denver Nuggets are the surprise of the entire basketball-aware populace, since NO ONE (not even fans) can name their starting five without Google, but they’re making the best of what SHOULD be helping the Knicks if not for that Carmelo trade.
  • The Thunder are still as good as everyone thought they would be, and apparently the Russell Westbrook situation(s) of the playoffs and earlier this season were not enough to scare the team off of extending him for 5 years and $80million. I, on the other hand, don’t see that as such a great thing. Look, I think Westbrook is good, no problem with them extending the guy, but NOTHING about him makes me think that he is 94% as valuable to his organization as is Kevin Durant, but they insisted on paying him like he is. My problem is that I REMEMBER the playoffs last year and the arguments week before last. This approach to signing players is what has Chris Bosh on the contract he is on right now. Oh well, there is a reason I am not an NBA GM I guess.
  • The Bulls are still the Bulls, and even forge ways to win with their superstar out and possibly bothered for the remainder of the season by it when he returns. That is what well-coached teams do.

    All told, the season is still somewhat young and with the trading deadline still far(ish) out in front of us, major moves can (and will) be made (or attempted) to right some ships in time for the playoffs, or a push for them. I have not lost faith in my Lakers, but I never had any in Mike Brown, so while I worry not about the ability of the on-court talent to pull it together and salvage a 4 or 5-seed going into the playoffs, I am TERRIFIED that Mike Brown will eventually be soundly out-coached like he has been any other time he has been there.

    Baron Davis is said to be back in practice, but is in TERRIBLE shape, conditioning-wise. All of my previous Knicks jokes aside, this cat will NOT be the answer at Point Guard for them. I am beginning to think that the crux of their problems stemming from the lack of a PG is their comeuppance for NOT keeping a star Point Guard in Chauncey Billups.

    Boston showed signs of life last night and while it may not do much for the hopes of their season when it all matters, may have re-spawned the Dwight Howard trade talks with that 87-56 (yes, final score) showing.

    The coming weeks will separate the wheat from the chaff, with the real contenders asserting themselves as such and the pretenders being sent to the drawing board.

    The lockout is all but forgotten…

    Words by Phlip

  • 12 comments on “NBA Report: What Lockout?

    1. markdub7 says:

      I couldn’t agree with you more about Chauncey Billups. I can’t fathom what the Knicks were thinking in getting rid of him in hopes of getting CP3. Now, he’s in LA, playing alongside CP3, and the best the Knicks can hope for is that B. Diddy gets in shape and is a more capable PG than the smallish 2-guard that he’s been his whole career.


    2. Tony Grands says:

      “The Lakers have YET to locate an offensive cohesion and are losing embarrassingly, albeit to good teams.”

      “No one is talking about the Phoenix Suns.”

      Gonna go out on a limb & say that Shannon Brown possibly passed up the opportunity he worked all those years for. He shoulda stayed, sucked up the lil bit of agony & ridicule for a few years & be right back on the winners podium.

      Also, Dr Buss & Jerry West & kobe are obviouisly marked men…


    3. DV says:

      Now the word is that even Pierce is fair game.

      They still play ball down there in PHX? Look for Nash to be a Knick if not this year then definetly next year.

      More bad news for the Bulls. Deng is out indefinately.

      I didnt like that Baron Davis signing one bit. He wont be ready to play till the end of February the earliest (and even then he most likely wont contribute much) and by then it might be to late. Knicks are currently 10th in a much improved East.

      What agony and ridicule was Shannon Brown subject too? I missed that.

      Yall heard about Horry saying that Phil Jackson was responsible for pushing the Kobe/ Shaq beef to the level it got too?

      They shouldve promoted Brian Shaw.

      and the Wizards are still the Wizards


    4. Phlip says:

      Shannon Brown has to feel foolish right now, playing losing ball when he could be the combo guard that’d make the Lakers better…
      Kinda like Farmar leaving to go to the Nets for a bigger role, only to be made unimportant when Deron Williams arrived.
      Speaking of Williams, he STILL hasn’t extended with the Nets, and this could work for the Lakers…

      Dear Lakers, please…

      Step 1 – FIRE MIKE BROWN!!!
      2 – Hire Brian Shaw for the position he was being groomed for anyway
      3 – forget the Dwight Howard talk, Andrew Bynum is more than serviceable at the position
      4 – package up whatever combination of expiring contracts, draft picks, that attractive $14million trade exception and young(ish) talent you can afford to unass and go after Deron Williams instead. The only “safe” people on the team should be Kobe and Bynum.
      5 – ???
      6 – profit!


      • Tony Grands says:


        For some strange reason, Dwill has so bad juju on him or something. The Lakers don’t seem interested & Jim Hill & Big Game James really downtalked him clearing out Fish. Kinda counterproductive if you ask me.

        You didn’t tho.


      • markdub7 says:

        Dude…you KNOW they won’t be firing Mike Brown any time soon. They have to give him a chance to prove that he’s a loser first. I agree, however, that they should’ve picked up Brian Shaw. To let him go was dumb, and bad management. I also agree that they should scrap any plans to rid themselves of Bynum in exchange for Howard b/c Howard has yet to prove to me that he’s that much better than Bynum. The focus should be on getting D-Will. He’s the piece that would give Kobe the extra gun he needs to get his 6th ring.


        • Tony Grands says:

          When Dallas dropped the condom on the floor, after buttboning the Lake Show, Magic said he had inside info that the organization will be getting “blown up.” & that’s exactly what they did, BShaw be damned. They don’t want PJ Jr. They want a new look.

          I like Mike Brown & so does the city. It’s not all the coaches fault. That front (back) office is like 1000 combined years old. They’re out of touch.


          • Phlip says:

            To properly “blow up” a roster, you have to commit to cleaning house and that usually includes only keeping the contracts you cannot get rid of (Artest and Walton come to mind).
            Bringing in a coach who has shown himself to be unable to plan an offense that can win when there were plenty of other and presumably better options seemed like a bad move on the part of management.

            Sure, perhaps the plans are looking to when Kobe is finished and hangs em up, but the team is built such that they CAN win now, and I can’t imagine why they’re not acting like they want to do it.


            • Tony Grands says:

              “To properly “blow up” a roster,”

              Never said they’re doing it properly. I agree, but at that point the problems had grown beyond simple man management. Bynum had a temper tantrum, for god’s sake. Behind the scenes probs were coming to a head. The LA Times ran a series of articles about Lakers Org employees who’d been there for decades being fired on the heels of Jackson’s retirement. They were waiting for him to leave, & when he stepped down, they blew up the team, front office to backcourt. Pieces scattered all over the place. That’s what (I think) Magic meant by “blow up,” because that’s damn sure that happened. That’s the only logic to a BShaw bypass, other than the fact that Mike Brown isn’t a losing coach, he’s just not PJ.


    5. DV says:

      Patience is the word for Laker fans. After all Brown was hired just before the lockout and brought a 200+ page playbook with him. Lakers are learning on the fly. They will be fine come playoff time. One does wonder how do you keep 3 Allstar caliber talents happy intentionally scoring only 90 or so per game. I wonder if the Lakers brass “blowing up” the team had anything to do with Magic selling his shares in the team? Well that, along with him really trying to get a NFL team in “LA” have they broke ground in Industry (the city of) yet?

      One thing is for sure DWill is going somewhere if DHoward doesnt wind up in Jersey. The early favorite is Dallas where he is a native and will succeed Jason Kidd.

      Rumors of DHoward for Blake Griffin and another for DWade are swirling. Im sure they are just hypothetics though.


    6. DV says:

      Oh yeah also I hear that the Lakers have eyes for Devin Harris.


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