In The News 1/25/12


Chelsea Handler Dishes On 50 Cent Relationship, Ciara Involvement /MTV/

Xbox 720 tipped for fall 2013 /SlashGear/

Rapper Big Pooh Talks Relationship With 9th Wonder And Phonte, Kendrick Lamar /HipHopDX/

Collision in the Making Between Self-Driving Cars and How the World Works /NYTimes/

A$AP Rocky Addresses Homophobia in Hip-Hop /PopCrush/

Herman Cain: ‘Stop the blame game’ /Politico/

Landmark condom law for porn filming signed by LA mayor /LATimes/

Whitney Houston may be singing ‘I Have Nothing’ /SunTimes/

It’s serious times for Lakers and Clippers /LATimes/

Sanctions Against Iran Grow Tighter, but What’s the Next Step? /NYTimes/

Apple Sets New Bar for Industry /WSJ/

Dropped Heart Successfully Transplanted in Mexico /ABCNews/


3 comments on “In The News 1/25/12

  1. markdub7 says:

    It’s a little sad that the cats from Little Brother moved forward without each other. Pooh, in his own right, is a talented emcee, but it must have been hard working alongside such a talented emcee as Phonte. I have Pooh’s last album The Delightful Bars, and it was really cool. Maybe he’ll be able to find his own shine out from under the shadow of his former Little Brother compatriots.


    • Tony Grands says:

      Yeah, sometimes they give him a hard time on Twitter, to which he replies “LB is over, get a life” or something to that effect. He’ll – unfortunately – always be the dude who rapped with Phontigallo.

      Switching gears…

      Last night, Jarobi was getting dogged on Twitter for “not really being a part of Tribe.” It was brutal.


      • markdub7 says:

        That’s so effed the eff up, man. I’m not ashamed to say that in the rap crew I was a member of in college, of 6 emcees, I might have been the 4th most talented. I had just started writing, and actually learned and took inspiration from the cats I wrote with. All of these years later, I look at some of the things they wrote, and am amazed at the complexity of some of the concepts they envisioned or the sheer lyricism of their rhymes. I grew, and found my own lane, but I still talk to 2 of them pretty regularly, and let them know that they are still among my favorite emcees. When I talk to people from school that remember my crew, they rarely remember shit that I said b/c those other cats had so many dope lines, if they even remember that I rhymed with them at all. We’ve all moved on, and though I don’t write much any more, both of my homies still do. I can recall being in awe of their ability, and just a little envious. I can relate and imagine what Pooh and Jarobi go through when I compare their experiences to my own.


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