In The News 1/26/12


The Financial Battle Over Hip-Hop’s First Hit /WSJ/

Horry says Shaq-Kobe feud all Phil Jackson’s doing /USAToday/

50 Cent Super Bowl Bet: Rapper Will Tweet Nude Photo If Giants Lose Game /HuffingtonPost/

Next Xbox May Reject Used Games /PCMag/

French Montana Didn’t Sign to Kanye Over an E-mail Issue? /MTV/

New two-million degree laser could unlock the secrets of the universe /TheStateColumn/

Worst celebrity tattoos /NYDailyNews/

‘Cloaking’ a 3-D object from all angles demonstrated /BBC/

U.S. Swoops In to Free 2 From Pirates in Somalia /NYTimes/

Putting a human cost on the iPad /CNET/

Mavericks get title rings, then lose to Timberwolves /USAToday/

Domesticated dogs may date back 30000 years /FOXNews/


2 comments on “In The News 1/26/12

  1. Nagan says:

    1 a damn shame. the forerunners made hip hop what it is to day ( as much as i dislike a lot of hip hop these days)
    4. seriously i will get my eye patch on if there isn’t a used game market for the next gen lost sales my arse they made the original sale. after the industry reports profit in a crappy finaicial era
    8 pretty cool tech, but kinda scary at the same time. yank assasins cloaked and knocking off peeps that disagree with em. more likely against US citizens. Scary shit when it’s developed further
    9 glad they got them 2 to safety but, prevention is better than a cure. pirates do what they do because they have nothing else
    10 seriously fuck that shit 13 billion profit, and most consumers don’t give 2 shits about were the toys come from. not just apple are guilty all the big playas are.cunts who update their phone for mediocre gain can suck my dick no big secret to those with a tech bent so no excuses for supporting slave labour
    12 dingoes came with the first aussies thousands of years ago no surprise to me

    drunk on OZ day not trolling just not tactful PEACE!


  2. markdub7 says:

    I just hope Wonder Mike and Master Gee get their full due. It’s sad that 2 of the founders who helped turn hip hop into a global phenomenom still aint getting their money right.

    I wonder what Phil’s motiviation to pit Shaq against Kobe could have been? Or is Big Shot Rob just bitter about something (though I don’t know what he’d have to be bitter about?

    Fiddy is attention sloring again. Make some good music, man!

    I don’t think I want the new X-joint if I can’t play used games on it. they’re pulling this isht in the economy we’re in? Bonkers.

    French Mustard…I mean Montana chose not to work w/Yeezy, but instead that blood-sucker, Puff? Smart move, Montana. LOL

    Who else thinks that they’re less likely to pursue nuclear fusion and more likely to weaponize a laser that reaches excesses of 2 million degree Farenheit?

    Plasmonic cloaking….more shiz I can see our government trying to weaponize.

    Last week, the Pres took out ANOTHER Al Quida major figure, and now approved a rescue mission that successfully saved an American hostage. The GOP can NOT FUX with this man on foreign policy.


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