NBA Report: “Most Valuable?”


Words by Phlip

Several posts ago, I suggested that the Lakers were the most valuable franchise in the NBA and that the NBA top brass did not like this, which led to some shady dealings as it led to moves the team could make. Despite currently sitting not-so-pretty at 8th in the conference, the news came down this week that I was right.

As an organization that has spent ALL of its time under the current ownership rarely more than 2 or 3 seasons at a time from being taken seriously as a championship contender is something that the former most valuable team can probably pin as the cause of the shift.

It’s not for nothing, either…

  • The Lakers organization seems to be most involved with its former players – having had Magic Johnson as a minority owner, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar as a special assistant and Jerry West as GM all at one point – of any organization that I can think of right off of the top of my head.
  • Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen were ONLY involved with the Bulls for their respective Hall-of-Fame inductions.
  • Reggie Miller can participate in the broadcast of Indiana Pacers’ games as if he is a perfect outsider.
  • Stockton and Malone are more interested in their respective colleges – Stockton by sending his son there and Malone by throwing cash and expertise at his – than they have EVER been mentioned as connected to the Utah Jazz.
  • Charles Barkley cares more about Chuck than either of the teams he starred for.
  • Hakeem Olajuwon is a go-to for players wanting to learn to Dougie play in the post, but not so much for the only team he played for (I know he got traded to Toronto and played one season there, but I do not count it).

    … it would seem that “the top of my head” was quite accurate, no?

    Not that anyone would particularly EXPECT these people to maintain ties to their former employers, no matter their contributions to the “story” of said organizations, if only for mutual benefit.

    Maybe it’s me, I am just used to the MLB/NHL/NFL model, where a player will complete a surefire Hall-of-Fame career, sit home that 5 years basking in the afterglow of it, wake up to be inducted into the hall, then take a “[position they played] coach” job with either the team they most famously cut their teeth with or the last one for whom they played.
    “Last one they played for” is important because Patrick Ewing seems to have not bothered leaving a team once he retired, having remained on the coaching staff with the Orlando Magic since retiring as a player. The fact that he is on the staff THERE and not the Knicks, where his legend was made, speaks more to the Knicks as an organization in my “joke the Knicks whenever possible” opinion.

    There is an intangible combination of luck, success and physical location that lends itself to the value of an organization, so it is only natural that the “most valuable” would come from one of the two largest media markets in the world. The small underlying details that seem to have been the difference maker as to which one would forge to the top spot, however, are not so intangible. The Lakers bridged “Showtime,” then had to take a couple years “down” in time to land Shaq, then Kobe and success was back. Blowup of the Shaq/Kobe show led to a shorter reset and in spite of their current position, no one is willing to mark them for dead just yet. Meanwhile, the Knicks last took a title 41 years ago, fell into the unenviable position of last credibly contending during the Jordan years, then changing over to an embarrassingly incompetent ownership group creating a new joke of the organization every few years, from the Isiah Thomas regime, to the Starbury fiasco(s) to the newest “Big Three” managing to lose to league powerhouses like the Toronto Raptors and Charlotte Bobcats.

    I know that the “value” is speculative, and that no one is putting up that kind of money to actually BUY these or any of the other mentioned teams, but is it not fun to  sit and look at these things with a semi-critical eye?

    Words by Phlip

  • 6 comments on “NBA Report: “Most Valuable?”

    1. DV says:

      Yeah being a Laker was like being in a fraternity. I hope they get back to the way things where ran when “Showtime” was popping. Thats why I was disappointed when they traded Odom. I felt he earned the right to retire a Laker after winning rings, 6th man award, and representing the Lakers as an Olympiad. Its disgust me that of all people Luke Walton might get to retire a Laker. This is also one of the reasons why I hope they dont trade Gasol and/or Bynum for DHoward, the other being that I dont believe the Lakers need DHoward (would be nice, but its not a must) .

      I also thought that being a Laker wouldve landed either Byron Scott or Brian Shaw that HC job. I was suprised that neither of them got the job.

      Hopefully that other LA staple the Dodgers can get back to the way things used to be also. The MLB need to quit BSing and let Cuban buy the team after jobbing him out of the Cubs.

      On the music tip. Check out this young cat who ive been keeping a eye on for a minute. Dude doing his thing on his own.

      Suave the Ape


      • Tony Grands says:


        He’s been more loyal to the franchise than a lot of guys.

        He has more rings than most nba players.

        To me, he “earned” his spot in Lakers history.

        Also, players don’t have team loyalty, so I’m never surprised when trades are made for rings or dollars.


      • Phlip says:

        I really wish people would stop referring to Arenas as a Point Guard…
        He scores like a shooting guard, handles the ball like one and CAN NOT DEFEND either guard position. He is only classified as a point because of his size.
        While looking at the surface and how he USED to be able to score in bunches before his knees shit on him and then he did stupid things involving firearms, I am not sure of the value of that on this Lakers team.
        What they need is someone to run the offense and defend the other teams’ Point Guard effectively.
        And what does adding ANOTHER 30+ body to the lineup solve?


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