5 Theories Why Established Rappers Don’t Pay Taxes


5. Tax evasion is easily one of the whiter collar less daunting crimes one can commit. It’s also a federal crime, which generally denotes a less aggressive complex, versus going to the penitentiary for guns &/or drugs. Unless it’s child abuse, all Hip Hoppers care about is if you’re in the system, not why.

4. People have a misconception that if something hasn’t happened by now, then it probably won’t happen ever. No dice. Life isn’t so cut & dry, & there’s no such thing as black & white. Everything is gray. As soon as you let you guard down, boom! Rules change & God laughs at your plans.

3. Between groupies, Illuminati tithes, tattoo bills, jewelry makers, drug runners, weed carriers, gun holders, babymommas, actual moms, & the fluctuating cost of “holdin’ down the hood,” there’s no money left for the Government.

2. They picked the wrong people to manage their monies/career. Or, in an even worse case scenario, they try & do it themselves.

1. “Real niggas” (assuming that we can believe them when they tell us that they are such) can’t be bothered with cubicles & appointments unless they involve concert specifics or (avoiding) jail time. (Probably jail time for not paying their taxes.)


10 comments on “5 Theories Why Established Rappers Don’t Pay Taxes

  1. Mark Dub says:

    In no. 3, you forgot to factor in the cost of the “vintage Jordans collection” they no doubt have. Lol. Good list, Grands


  2. Loki says:

    Taxes are just a way to keep the poor poor, and the rich rich. If your rich you can afford someone to find the many loopholes in doing your taxes, thats what rappers need to get on. Jayzs up on that shit


  3. Nagan says:

    Rappers could take a leaf outta Bono (king of douchebags) book, and emigrate to Ireland. Artists there pay no taxes (or they didn’t have to anyways last I heard).
    Mr save the third world, Bono and his bandmates have done it for years with their multi-millions, while preaching how people must give to help the poor. Bono the cat who forgot his favorite hat on tour, and had it flown to him in a first class seat. yep i am an unashamed bono hater lol


    • Tony Grands says:


      If you ever meet a guy who hates Bono as much as you Nag, you gotta say to him: “You, too?”


      • Nagan says:

        LMAO! I will dude! haha don’t know if anyone hates him on the level i do though.
        i almost made a voodoo effigy of him to sodomise it with a rolling pin, just to see if he danced funny in his next video clip. That’s hating lol /jokes


  4. DV says:

    I would guess its because the rap game reminds them of the crack game. Living that fast life, things like taxes or hiring an accountant dont cross they mind.


    • Tony Grands says:


      I tell my kids to pick their friends like a team of superheroes. Everyone should have a weakness/strength. Once rappers realize they need an entourage rather than a gang crew, they’ll start getting treated more like Lindsay Lohan, less like Wesley Snipes.


  5. DV says:

    Ummm you lost me which of those 2 is the good choice? Ha ha You would think Wesley and Ron Isley wouldve been prime examples huh?


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