In The News 1/31/12


Drake Not Recording New Common Diss Record, Shuts Down Beef /ThisBeatGoes/

MegaUpload’s data safe for two more weeks /CNET/

Rick Ross Birthday Bash Boasts Dr. Dre, Diddy /SOHH/

RIM`s Struggles: 10 Reasons the Enterprise Is Backing Away from BlackBerry /eWeek/

Blake Griffin posterizes Thunders’ Kendrick Perkins /SportingNews/

Dear Rappers, Please No More Gun Talk /GlobalGrind/

Hip-Hop Basslines Could Power Implantable Medical Devices /PopSci/

How to Fill Out Facebook Timeline Without Annoying Your Friends /Mashable/

New York Hip Hop: Names to Know in 2012 /BirthplaceMag/

T-Mobile Plans To Limit Domestic Data Roaming On April 5 /TechCrunch/

Doctors to remove remains of twin from boy’s stomach /USAToday/

Space, weather and you: Why solar winds are a concern for us /TimesLeader/


5 comments on “In The News 1/31/12

  1. markdub7 says:

    I aint really a Drake fan, but I don’t hate him either. I applaud his decision to take the high road. Besides….I didn’t really want Common to body the young boi. LOL

    Blake Griffin’s dunk was as violent as Ray Lewis STABBING an opposing receiver over the middle w/a jarring hit (As usual, pun is always intended). I’d be surprised if Kendrick Perkins is able to sleep within the next week. Really kinda minimizes what Lebron did.


  2. DV says:

    Word is that Perkins deleted that account weeks ago. Who knows? Dude from the Knicks (remember last year?) can sleep a little better now, just a little tho.

    Smart move by Drake. Take your quasi-L (because it was over a girl) and keep it moving. No need for more verbal assault from Com.

    Hmmm…..wonder if DJ Magic Mike and the like see a boost in record sales. Man I miss the early 90’s back when ATL and MIA used to war over Bass ( both the music and the drug)


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