In The News 2/6/12


Rapper M.I.A. gives America the finger during Super Bowl halftime show /EntertainmentWeekly/

Giants Beat Patriots in Final Rally /NYTimes/

K’Naan May Sue Romney Over Use of Song /NYTimes/

Facebook’s $5 billion IPO is banked on your private data /NYDailyNews/

Kenyon Martin Signs With Los Angeles Clippers /SBNation/

Smartphone Shipments Overtake PCs in 2011 /PCMag/

Radcliffe admits being drunk during “Harry Potter” scenes /Reuters/

Increasing risk of STDs among those over 50 as demographic has more sex than ever /DailyMail/

Lakers’ Mike Brown keeps them guessing with ejection, lineup moves /LATimes/

Black History Month: A Republican opportunity to connect with Black voters /WashingtonTimes/

HPV vaccine now recommended for all boys /CBSNews/

NBC Apologizes For MIA Giving the Finger at Halftime /Reuters/


2 comments on “In The News 2/6/12

  1. Nagan says:

    i consider myself a fan of MIA and i didn’t see the superbowl, but i gotta laugh at the online reaction to the middle finger. too many sheltered bastards are whinging about a relatively tame gesture. SMH


  2. Mark Dub says:

    Way to stay relevant, M.I.A. LOL

    I hope K’nnan sues the shit out of Willard Mitt Romney & gets crazy paid. That fucker made $56K/day last year, and wants to increase my tax burden. Fcuk you, dude. Get him K’Nnan!

    The Clippers signing K-Mart is MAJOR. They are loaded.

    Congrats to the New York Football Giants! I loathe Bellicheat & Brady. I’m glad they pulled it off.


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