In The News 2/7/12


Warrant issued for rapper Bow Wow’s arrest /MSNBC/

Report: Facebook Doesn’t Really Remove All Those Photos You’ve Deleted /PCMag/

MTV Announces ‘Hottest MC’s In The Game VII’ Television Show /ThisBeatGoes/

Kobe Bryant up to 5th on scoring list /ESPN/

Atlanta hate crime caught on videotape /WashingtonPost/

‘Amazing Spider-Man’ footage teased for fans /Yahoo/

Faculty to be removed at LA sex scandal school /CBSNews/

Birdman Hopes To Add Gospel, Country And More R&B To Cash Money Roster /HipHopDX/

Puerto Rico Plans To Slaughter Millions Of Iguanas And Sell Their Meat In The US /BusinessInsider/

‘Simpson’ dolls join Barbie on Iran ban list /FoxNews/

Super Bowl XLVI sets new tweet-per-second record /LATimes/

Your Brain May Be “Wired” For Addiction (But You Don’t Have To Surrender) /Forbes/


One comment on “In The News 2/7/12

  1. Mark Dub says:

    Kobe moved up to no. 5, & Shaq congratulated him, calling him the greatest Laker ever. I think Shaq has continued to try and take the high road and make people remember their legacy in the game. It’s a pretty big move for the big man.


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