In The News 2/8/12


Hip-Hop Shows Love to Big Pun Via Twitter on 12th Anniversary of His Death /AllHipHop/

Facebook’s Zuckerberg may face $2 billion tax bill /CNN/

Jay Z Brings Hip-Hop To Historic Carnegie Hall /KillerHipHop/

Chris Brown winning as rapper /ABCNews/

In death, legend of Detroit’s J Dilla comes to life /Freep/

Daredevil to plunge from outer space /FoxNews/

Paul Pierce moves past Larry Bird as Boston Celtics’ No. 2 scorer /ESPN/

Timbaland & Missy Elliott To Both Release Albums In June //

Online Dating Sites Use Unreliable Methods, Study Says /PCMag/

Top 6 Facebook annoyances and how to fix them /FoxNews/

Halliburton to ditch BlackBerrys in corporate transition to Apple’s iOS platform /HuffingtonPost/

‘Human Hourglass’ Model Says She Eats Three Big Meals Every Day /AceShowbiz/


One comment on “In The News 2/8/12

  1. markdub7 says:

    A 2 billi dollar tax bill, and I still can’t feel bad for Zuckerberg b/c he’ll still have the scratch to pay it. SMH

    Chris Brown is nominated for a Grammy as a rapper. AND he used to chop Rhianna’s gorgeous ass down? Dude. Stay. Winning.

    Dilla made some of the most melodic classics in hip hop. I’m glad that he’s still getting his due.


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