NBA Report: Shots Fired


Words by Phlip

It’s been a week. I am pretty sure that Kendrick Perkins should probably back off of having an opinion on getting dunked on. I commended the guy for rotating and jumping to get dunked on instead of ducking and running. David Banner said it best when he said “if you never been dunked on, then you ain’t playing defesnse!” but Perkins has decided that he needs to throw shade at Blake Griffin and LeBron James because of the discussion of the dunk on Twitter.

To add a critical dose of irony to this, he took to Twitter himself to do it. Kendrick Perkins, you have a ring from Boston, you’re on the team everyone is picking to go to the finals out of the West, please just sit down and shut up…

Speaking of the Clippers, it seems that they will either be forced to adapt quickly or return to being the Cripples sooner rather than later now that Chauncey’s knee decided to call it a season.

In a lineup PACKED with point guards, being extorted into giving up Eric Gordon is beginning to seem like more and more of a bad idea now for the Clippers, and the signing of Kenyon Martin will NOT help that one little bit. I expected the “Cripples” management team to come forward and botch this, but not quite yet. I mean, I still feel they will make the playoffs with even the lineup they have, but doubt is being cast on their position when they get there.

What a beautiful, expensive disjointed mess are the Knicks now?
Amar’e takes a bereavement leave, ‘Melo twists his ankle and within an hour, Madison Square Garden fans are chanting “MVP!” for none other than undrafted and 3-times-waived second year player Jeremy Lin.
A pair of hundred-million-dollar contracts on roster and a player who was called up from the D-League two weeks ago gets the “MVP” chant. If Mike ‘Antoni (no D) still has a job by All-Star weekend, nothing is right with the world.

Speaking of All-Star weekend, the starters have been named.

East: Rose, Wade, James, Anthony and Howard

West: Paul, Bryant, Durant, Griffin and Bynum

Happenstance serves it that the fans got this one as right as they possibly could have on both parts, with PERHAPS the exception of Carmelo Anthony in the East, based upon his team’s outcomes. The problem, however, is that I could not name another person playing Forward in the Eastern Conference that I would put in his place.

The “Los Angeles vs. The World” approach out West is funny too, considering the west reserves will be named soon and Pau Gasol’s name HAS to be in that conversation as well. Speaking of the West reserves, let us not forget that there are now 4 big-name Power Forwards out West, and with Tim Duncan clearly on decline we can remove his name. Beyond the aforementioned Gasol, we are left with Dirk and Kevin Love. Dirk himself concedes that he is not an All-Star this year, so it is beginning to look like Kevin Love will become and remain a lock for that reserve spot on the west All-Star team.

Of late, the news cycle as it relates to the NBA has been boring, if not repetitive…

“Celtics are old”
“Knicks suck”
“question the Lakers”
“Blake Griffin dunks on someone”
“trade rumors and trade rumors and trade rumors”
“Paul Pierce passes Larry Bird on Celtics all-time”
[Phlip note – I cannot imagine why Bird didn’t have more points than that]
“Kobe moves up a spot on the NBA all-time”

I’d love to say that much different has taken place, but the fact is that it really hasn’t. Heck, even the Miami Heat – who have been good for SOME drama – have been decently quiet of late, despite far too often playing down to substandard competition to the tune of too-close games, but we will not chide them for it until they start losing them.

This week’s games of note include Syracuse vs Georgetown and UNC vs Duke–… crap, wait. This week’s highest profile games of note include the Heat and Magic, Lakers and Celtics, Lakers and Knicks and Thunder and Jazz.

Somehow in all of this, I live in genuine hopes that SOMETHING of interest takes place.

Words by Phlip


5 comments on “NBA Report: Shots Fired

  1. markdub7 says:

    I don’t mind K. Perk going in on Lebron. It spices up the haps when Lebron tries to dunk on him. The Clips are still loaded at the guard position…it’s just that losing Big Shot Billups would cramp any team’s style. It especially hurts that the guy behind him can’t guard his shadow (Mo Williams). I can’t believe how right the fans got the all-star starters this year. If Kevin Love keeps playing the way he’s been playing, he’ll be a perinneal all-star


  2. Loki says:

    Bird was too busy dishing assists and spending energy on the boards and defense.

    When will people learn to keep their mouths shut online? How is it that they don’t get that the internet will blow their shit up and make them look like assholes (which they probably are)


  3. Phlip says:

    As right as the fans got the starters, the league and the coaches BLEW it on the reserves.


  4. Technique says:

    “Bird was too busy dishing assists and spending energy on the boards and defense.”

    Exactly what I was thinking. I just had to google Bird’s stats the other day to show my friend that Pierce will never be the Celtic Bird was! Not to take anything away from Pierce’s game or accomplishments, cuz he is one of the best to do it. But not on Birds level.


  5. DV says:

    Jeremy Lin has put a smile on my face. As a Knick/Blazer fan I am glad we have someone who can play the point in D’Antoni’s system. IF this works out and balances out the team (i.e Carmelo doesnt shoot us out of games and Amare gets more looks other then putbacks off of Melo’s bricks) and we make the playoffs I would be temporarly satisfied. Yes in all reality D’Antoni should get canned. I think he stays on for the rest of the year just as long as Lin is filling up seats, the stat box , and winning.

    Clips will be fine, they just got Bledsoe back and this teams strength is its starters anyway.

    Monta Ellis, Rudy Gay and a few others got snubbed.

    Rondo for Gasol? I like it for LA, not so much for Boston. But I still say Lakers should stay put and just pick up a “servicable” PG for the rest of this season. They already screwed up once this year plus word is Kobe scared Dwight off so they can forget that idea.

    I still hate Bird.

    Perkins shouldve just took his L and kept it moving. He is perpetuating his own “clowning”


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