In The News 2/13/11

Lil Wayne Did Not Get Arrested At Grammys, Says Label Boss /Forbes/

Angry Father Shoots Daughter’s Laptop Over Facebook Post /TIME/

Rappers React to Whitney Houston’s Death /HipHopGalaxy/

Reddit bans sexually suggestive images of children /CNET/

Former Ruff Ryders Rapper Jin Pens “Lin-sane,” NY Knicks Anthem /SOHH/

Google Is Building Secret Hardware Testing Labs All Over Its Campus /SFGate/

Grammy Snubs: Kanye West, Cee Lo Hip-Hop Awards Not Televised /RapFix/

Valentine’s gifts may be hazardous to pets /UPI/

Lakers try out Gilbert Arenas /ESPN/

LinkedIn is Disrupting the Corporate Recruiting Market /Forbes/

Nicki Minaj Resurrects Spooky Roman Zolanski At Grammys /MTV/

New study finds hovering airplanes could become a reality; /TheStateColumn/


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