Internets, Independents, & The Infinite


Words by YoungHipHopNerd

In a digital ocean called ‘the internet’, a new era of independent pioneers are revolutionizing the entertainment business as we know it.

Since 2005, independent filmmakers, musicians, & developers have begun a new renaissance of art, in multiple mediums, transcending to new plateaus. New avenues were opened & new challenges awaited anyone daring enough to march on the frontlines of bold new territories. In my title when I say “the infinite,” I mean the potential to take independent artists where they have not explored yet. Pushing the boundaries of art and creating new different styles that inspire ultramodern art form.

Content is the most crucial component in any piece of work & the independents know that. By developing ways around the middleman (studios, labels, etc.) artists have created a way of producing the same quality product that the majors can for about 90% less then big businesses. Entertainment World, take a good look at these newcomers because they are coming for your neck. Why even need the middleman? Let me show you what I am talking about…

The ‘FilmDistrict’
You may have heard of the movies ‘Driver,’ ‘Insidious’ & ‘Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark.’ However, I bet you did not know that these movies were all made by the same independent studio: FilmDistrict.

Starting in 2010, Peter Schlessel founded FilmDistrict with Graham King & Timothy Headington. After splitting from Graham and Tim, from 2010-2011 Peter closed a 3-picture distribution deal for their 2012 films & inked a deal at Netflix. They’re even remaking the cult classic franchise (one of my personal favorites) ‘The Evil Dead!’

With an Oscar nod for “Best Achievement for Sound Editing” & resurrection of a timeless classic, major studios will have a run for their money.

The Era Of The Youtube
Okay, so you watch a lot of movies and think you have what it takes to direct films right? With enough practice anyone can be creative enough to accomplish their dreams. No, really! Anyone can learn how to make amazing videos such as these talented cats here.

Meet Sam & Niko of ‘Digital Corridor.’ Leaders of a generation of artistic exploration that incorporates revolutionary thinking to create radical ways of displaying visual art, & it was all shared to the world with a tool called Youtube. Since releasing a mini-movie paying homage to the video game ‘Modern Warfare’ they’ve became a colossal web sensation, & have received an opportunity to make a commercial for ‘Battlefield 3.’ Their popular Youtube page has accumulated over Sixty-two Million views & over Eight Hundred Thousand subscribers! They were even dope enough to include in-depth tutorials to teach noobs how to create their own works of art.

Just only last year did Sam & Niko emerge out the darkness back into the spotlight with their new company, a visual effects company that allows the everyday user to submit their own videos & display their work. Although they make short movies, their goal is to make long term narratives. This brings their work to a never explored medium where amateur filmmakers can make their projects with less than $10,000 compared to the average Sixty-Five Million. This provides a whole new lane for new material made from the eyes of the fans rather than a corporate suit. With this in mind, maybe better flicks will be produced & distributed like ‘Chronicle,’ rather than movies like ‘Dragonball Evolution.’

This Ain’t The Sound Of Music!
All types of music, specifically Hip Hop, has made leaps & bounds in terms of ownership of the artists revenue and marketed brand in the past several years. Odd Future, amongst many other rappers, have went the independent route as well. By signing a deal for your own label a artist can cut out alot of the indiscretions that a rapper would with a Three Sixty deal, for example.

In case you don’t know already, A Three Sixty deal is when a company owns everything the artists is involved in & gives only a percentage to the artist. The record labels even give advances to sweeten the pot, however this usually ends up in financial meltdown. Therefore, artists tend to leave when their contracts are up but never with royalties unless they can afford points off their albums.

The Independents, on the other hand, have jurisdiction of most of their assets which makes it more profitable to a musician to go indie and for creative control. A major label would have artists spending about a hundred thousand to five hundred thousand dollars, sometimes even more! Ever since the 1960’s, Motown & labels like them have screwed over the young talent for quick figures & the recording artists have nothing to show for their talents.

A person can go independent & if they want to sign – not because they need to sign – they’ll make a decision more appropriate for themselves. Nevertheless, more musicians than ever are utilizing the independent route, raging against the machine!

The Social Network
As of 2004, social networking has been on the upswing, dominating the globe by connecting the world simultaneously. This created a whole new era of networking changing the outlet of how people connect with each other. From bird messengers to the invention of the telephone in the 1870s, man has always reinvented the wheel, excelling communication to new levels. ‘Facebook’ was one of the first social networking sites to gain global recognition. Events like revolutions & social uprising can now be monitored, globally, on a single website, the likes we have never seen before. Another almost equally as dominant site, Twitter, has a similar agenda as well.

Two of the most prolific social networking sites we have were both built by “kids” on their off time. In today’s day & age the average joe can bring people – thousands of miles apart – together. & as we speak someone is out there programming a new network in their garage, to revolutionize the way we look at the world.

At the end of the day, though, never give up on your dreams & do not let anyone tell you different. A new path has been paved for the new generation of independents.

Now all that is left to do is go beyond the infinite. •

Words by YoungHipHopNerd


4 comments on “Internets, Independents, & The Infinite

  1. Tony Grands says:

    My kids speak HTML. Just sayin…


  2. DV says:

    Good write up. All I know is Tech9ine and Curren$y got it figured out.

    “fuck your system, I get paid without it”- Spitta


  3. Nagan says:

    nice write up matey, i’m loving how the internet is giving birth to a potential new media, and the cutting out of the old school middlemen(irks me no end to see older artists seeing minimal return of the years for their works)

    and i love the backyard programmers in the PC mod scene as well as the other media forms above. The Iceenhancer mod for the PC version of Grand Theft Auto IV is incredible. they put in real world cars and increased the graphics a hell of a lot. GTA V is going to have a hard time looking as good as that mod, and it’s made by one of the richest developers out there. To be beaten by indy backyard cats is amazing.

    the only problem i have with this flood of independent stuff is sorting the wheat from the chaff there is too much stuff for me to get around to experiencing it all and if i am not immediately impressed i sort of ignore that cat in the future.

    PS the movie Chronicle is bloody awesome!!


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