In The News 2/17/12


Producer Scott Storch arrested for cocaine possession in Las Vegas /TheCelebrityCafe/

Charlie Sheen: I’m Tired of Pretending Ashton Kutcher Doesn’t Suck on ‘Men’ /AceShowBiz/

Christian Rapper Lecrae to Perform With Wu-Tang Clan, Dipset and Mac Miller /ChristianPost/

Underwear Bomber Abdulmutallab Sentenced to Life Term in Prison /Bloomberg/

Tyga ‘Careless World: Rise of the Last King’: Rapper Says Album Is a ‘Storybook’ /TheBoomBox/

2012 NBA All-Star Celebrity Game Will Include Hip Hop Artists J. Cole x Common /ThisBeatGoes/

Abuse Cases Put Los Angeles School District Under Fire /NYTimes/

Whitney Houston Death Jokes Earn a Suspension for Radio Duo /Reuters/

Nevada Establishes Regulations For Self-Driving Cars /TechCrunch/

Drug-delivery chip implant shows promise /BostonGlobe/

Researchers Build Robot Arm That Can Shoot Hoops, Toss Darts /PCMag/

Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet eats into iPad’s market share /WashingtonPost/


10 comments on “In The News 2/17/12

  1. Nagan says:

    2. no offense to people who dig it but that show has sucked for me since it started
    3. dunno when musicians get prefixed with the christian tag ,my mind sorta autofilters not looking into them more. same as female rapper white rapper etc guess it’s just me though
    6 can’t say i know most of the celebrities in that game apart from the aforementioned
    7 *samuel Jackson voice* i hope they burn in hell fucking paedos
    8 the jokes were kinda crap so they shoulda been pulled just for that. but i am kinda sad about how whitney got a near sainthood on her passing, but the same cats who mourn her, probably wouldn’t give 2 shits about a substance abuser in their own real life vicinity. and in a week or 2 probably wouldn’t even give 1. the wino on your block probably can’t sing and was never pinup material, but probably needs some kinda societal support much like whitney did, but said wino is left alone as society condemns him/her. no dollars = no worth for most of society these days. i’m an abuser but not quite in the gutter just an opinion from me
    12 lol wished amazon shipped to OZ with using a mail forwarder


    • Loki says:

      I have to second what you said about Whitney, its the same with all those musicians who struggle with, literally all they needed was love, some people around them who cared about them and showed them that they didn’t need drugs. But apparently its a lot easier just to say RIP then to say, do you need help? Sad


  2. Loki says:

    *struggle with drugs


  3. markdub7 says:

    I won’t say that 2.5 men sucks w/Ashton, but it certainly lacks whatever the IT was that Charlie Sheen had when he was on there. I hope that the IT wasn’t cocaine.

    I think that suspension is hella-short for those out-of-pocket muhfuckas talkin that shit about Whitney on that radio show. I wonder if they’d talk that shit about their icons, like Elvis…who literally died on the toilet from fuxing with drugs. I don’t recall this recklessness when Heath Ledger died.


    • Tony Grands says:

      “I don’t recall this recklessness when Heath Ledger died.”

      Or River Phoenix.

      It’s about the ratings. Those dudes could care less on way or another. The LA talk radio scene is like that (remember I was “Tony The Black Guy” on The Adam Carolla Show); snarky & ruder than the next show because all the motherfuckers are on during the same time. They achieved exactly what they were trying to achieve: exposure.

      If it was as bad as the media makes it seem, they would be fired, not suspended until March.

      Not quite a pub stunt per se, but definitely a direct jab at getting national exposure. Mission accomplished.

      Also, Twitter is the dead celebrity capital of the universe. Nothing a radio show host says can be worse than the tweets I’ve seen. #desensitized


      • markdub7 says:

        Yeah…I’m gonna have to co-sign Nagan on this one. If THAT was their push to go national, it was an epic fail b/c those jokes weren’t even funny. Shock valueless. And you’re absolutely correct about twitter. There are so many wanna-be comedians that pull whatever crudeness they can out of their ass in an attempt to be funny, only to come off as kind of pathetic.


  4. Technique says:

    Did you ever watch Whitney on that Bobby Brown reality show? RIP to her, but damn. Mother fuckas act like she was this sweet innocent woman that just died, when in reality she done checked out years ago! It just irritates me this bullshit gets so much exposure. That goes for any celebrity death, there’s more important shit to be discussing. And so the fuck what if some radio hosts cracked some jokes? What happened to free speech? And honestly what kind of person takes offense to a joke about a woman they have never met? The shit is fuckin ridiculous!


    • Tony Grands says:

      It’s nothing more than America’s love affair with a tragedy (as far as all the outpouring of emotion). People love to cheer for you, & love to help you up even more. But if you lose, you’re immortalized.

      The radio hosts were disciplined because of the backlash. They don’t want the media spinning it as if the station itself is being objective & insensitive. That’s why they didn’t get fired. This way, it won’t become another Don Imus incident. Damage control.

      Free speech is only free until it begins to interfere with the bosses cigar money.


  5. DV says:

    Random thought. Isnt there a rap group called Los Angeles United School District (LAUSD)? Couldve sworn i seen or heard that name before. They should change it. Its a shame and sickening whats going on in the schools these days. When I have kids me and the teachers are going to be real familiar.

    As far as those radio hosts im not suprised. Getting out of pocket is common place for them now. If the media (mainly sly-FOX) constantly goes in on black people when they are alive they are sure as hell gonna do it to the dead. I still have a screenshot from when the killed Osama Bin Laden and Fox had the headline Obama Bin Laden killed (honest typo my ass). There is no respect for anything anymore. Everything is fair game for sensationalism. Whats that word? desensativation or something like that? Desensatized? They wont get it until some kind of social uproar (think riot) happens. But thats the plan all along. So then martial law can be declared and the authorities can act at will under the governments protection.


    • Tony Grands says:

      You wouldn’t even understand how often I’m at my youngest kid’s school. I even have the custodians & lunch room ladies in pocket.

      I see parents who don’t know the teachers, the yard workers, the staff, etc. Meanwhile, I’ve developed a repoire w/the principal also(!)& I’m pretty certain he’s safe there.

      I’m old school though. & yes parents, it’s that serious.

      I often tweet about watching who’s watching the kids & so forth.

      LAUSD sounds familiar. I see the album cover in xxl or something in my head.


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