In The News 2/22/12


Court Ruling Says Rapper Game Owes Greensboro Officers $5 Million /HipHopDaily/

‘Nightline’ report on Apple production line shows iPhone is basically handmade /AppleInsider/

Hip-Hop Bar Mitzvah: Jewish Rappers Talk Coming of Age /Grantland/

Chris Tucker Owes the IRS $12 Million? /AllHipHop/

Hip-Hop Group Black Sheep To Perform At Pistons’ Halftime /NBA/

‘Beat LA!’ not just a Lakers chant /ESPN/

A ‘Giant Anthology’ Of Profile Records, Rap’s Early Champion /NPR/

Jeremy Lin’s Knicks Jersey From Lakers Win Auctions for $42388 /BusinessWeek/

5 killed in possible murder-suicide at Georgia health spa /FoxNews/

Former LA teacher pleads not guilty to committing lewd acts with 23 children /USAToday/

Sony Takes the Long View With its New PlayStation Vita /PCWorld/

The Smallest Known Black Hole Has 20 Million Mile Per Hour Winds /Forbes/


One comment on “In The News 2/22/12

  1. markdub7 says:

    Chris Tucker owes $12 M to the IRS? Somebody needs to put him on suicide watch. That is a LOT of bread.

    I love to hear when groups like Black Sheep, who I feel never truly got their due, are able to book big gigs.

    Man…my Hornets miss CP3. I wish him the best in LA.

    Hmmm…the info on Lenny, the little Black Hole that Could, is pretty interesting. It’s pushing out more matter than it’s pulling in. Good stuff, Grands.


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