In The News 2/27/12


Michael Eric Dyson, Yes Hip Hop Is Destroying The Black Youth /ThyBlackMan/

For Bryant, a Few Shots to Pass Jordan and One to the Head /NYTimes/

Hip-hop mogul faces murder charges for the killing of 50 Cent’s buddy /NYDailyNews/

West holds off East to win All-Star shootout /USAToday/

Rapper Petey Pablo Sneaks Into Prison /TMZ/

Photoshop touches down on the iPad /CNET/

50 Cent Helps UN in Africa: Is Rapper’s ‘Next Chapter’ a Mid-Life Crisis? /ABCNews/

Scientists: Global warming may lead to a short presence for humanity /TheStateColumn/

Samsung’s ‘phablet’— Big phone, small tablet /BostonHerald/

Facebook Denies Its Application Spies on Text Messages /PCWorld/

Global warming, drought likely lead to decline of Mayan civilization /TheStateColumn/


5 comments on “In The News 2/27/12

  1. Nagan says:

    haha two “professional” sites on fiddy and 2 typos the” mugol “one on the first and “$.10 from every bottle sold goes to feeling the kids” on the other
    i have alot of respect for fiddy on his his charitable actions. i take shots at fiddy sometimes but dude is funny and smart, his music might be a bit meh these days, and his marketing beefs are a bit suss but overall i got respect for the guy

    global warming on shortness , probably had more to do with the effect on plants and thus diet of the ancient mammals. sugar grows well in heat so western society wont be getting any smaller with increased temps IMO

    yeah fuck facebook btw. if ya rock it and are concerned about privacy, dedicate a single browser just for facebook they track peeps all over the net. By using a browser for facebook only you limit what they see. twitter is recorded by the library of congress to0 i believe. If you getting shady on the net watch yaselves!!! that android shit is kinda scary, glad i rock an older phone


  2. markdub7 says:

    Definitely not a Boyce Watkins fan, but he does make some very valid points about the negativity that some hip hop propagates. But for every Yin, there is a Yang, and there are MANY artists making positive music; they just don’t get as many spins on the radio.

    Kobe scored 7 AFTER getting his nose broken? BEASTLY. I saw a vid where he was being heckled in Drew League over the summer, and he told the guy something to the effect of, “Check the list. Wilt. Me. And Mike. It’s a real short list.” His placing himself no. 2 to ever play the game, all-time, is the reason why he’s been able to drive himself to definitely be in the discussion. Grands…you know I can’t stand him, but I admire his work. Kobe is definitely that ninja I love to hate.


    • Tony Grands says:

      KCAL9 has a show with Jim Hill & James Worthy (pre/post Lakers games), & there was a special edition last night were Worthy broke down what is supposedly happening in the front office. They’re scurrying to acquire Kobe’s final ring, because his retirement will officially start the rebuild. & he’s almost ready to hang it up.

      Idc what they do this season…short of drafting Jesus (Christ, not Shuttlesworth)…no ring. Next year, no ring. Kobe should go out on top, call it a wrap after this season. After he returns the favor to Wade, of course.

      I saw a tweet that said “Wade- I’d be mad too if my momma misspelled my name!” Roffles.

      Kobe should vow to never mention Mike’s name again until he retires.


  3. $yk says:

    waddups…I know cats were watching the game…and the Oscars…but this news dropped yesterday…

    ^ comments are a good read (9000+)…lot of facts


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