In The News 2/28/12


DMX Doesn’t Like Young Jeezy or Jay-Z Either! /AllHipHop/

Kobe Bryant has a “nasal fracture” after a rough foul by Dwyane Wade /SlamOnline/

Drake Responds To Beefs With Pusha T, Ludacris And Future /HipHopDX/

Look for the smartphone’s future in the PC’s past /CNET/

Rapper Jim Jones arrested for second time in four days /NYPost/

California gas prices jump 26 cents in a week /LATimes/

Are rappers making Moscato more relevant? /TheGrio/

IBM touts quantum computing breakthrough /ComputerWorld/

Lil Wayne’s New Shoe Line: Will it Suffer the Same Fate as These Companies? /OCWeekly/

Ohio shooting suspect from at-risk kids school /CBSNews/

Heaven, Hell and Hip Hop: Has Rap Lost its Religion? /AllHipHop/


One comment on “In The News 2/28/12

  1. markdub7 says:

    DMX first 2 albums were classic to me. After those, however…I didn’t need any of those other joints. GOT DAMN though…is it just me, or is D high as shit in this interview? And not a good weed-high…that seems like a much more powerful, narcotic-type high. I hate how far dude has fallen.

    Drake sounds like a cat who’s winning too much to get caught up in some beef shit. We all know he aint a tough guy, nor is he portraying himself to be. That makes him an easy target. Cats just better be careful, b/c despite all of the singing, Drake really can spit.

    I don’t see how wine connoisseurs can whine about cats name dropping wine and increasing the purchase of it. That just seems like hustling backwards

    I bet y’all are all waiting with bated breath for Wayne’s shoe line…


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