In The News 2/29/12


XXL Unveils Official 2012 Freshman Class Magazine Cover /ThisBeatGoes/

Rihanna Set to Play Whitney Houston in a Bio-Pic? /HuffingtonPost/

Azealia Banks Denounces Iggy Azalea’s Placement on XXL Freshmen List /Rap-Up/

Kobe To See Specialist About Broken Nose /LATimes/

Dr. Cornel West, Rapper Boots Riley Join “Occupy” Police Protest In New York /AllHipHop/

Former Laker Lamar Odom Considering Retiring from the NBA? /LakersNation/

Rapper Bizarre Splits From D12 /BET/

Two types of generic birth control pills are being recalled /NYDailyNews/

Ursula Rucker speaks words on the sad state of hip hop /OttawaCitizen/

Massive Asteroid to Hit Earth in 2040? /Discovery/

Bryant Has Concussion to Go With Broken Nose /ABCNews/


One comment on “In The News 2/29/12

  1. markdub7 says:

    Props to Iggy Azalea making the XXL cover. Azealia Banks’ beef with Iggy’s cover seems a little jealous and petty. It’s not like Iggy isn’t killing it right now…

    I’d rather see Cornell West protesting with the poor than throwing the President under the bus.

    I hate to hear that Lamar Odom is in such a rough spot mentally that he’s considering retiring. I hope he does whatever’s best for him. Godspeed.

    Bizarre picked a very apt name. Some might think it’s crazy to leave from the umbrella that covered him with Eminem, but I understand if you feel like you’re being stifled as an artist, and are trying to move forward. D12 has been stagnant for a while.

    Ursala Rucker is so effing dope. I remember the first time I heard her at the end of a Roots album. I was enrapted, and instantly became a fan.


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