In The News 3/2/12


Hip-Hop Artists Come Together to Support Children of Incarcerated Parents /HuffingtonPost/

Safe Sex Goes the Way of Social Media: Check In With Where You Just Used a Condom /iVillage/

Rapper Too Short Announces ‘Detox’ Album Collaboration with Dr. Dre /ThisBeatGoes/

Andrew Breitbart dies at age 43 /CNN/

G-Unit Rapper Precious Paris Releases Her Debut EP “From Paris With Love” /AllHipHop/

Terrafugia Flying Car Headed to NY Auto Show /PCMag/

Limp Bizkit-Lil Wayne Single Has ‘Hip-Hop-Rock Swagger,’ says Birdman /Billboard/

Stolen NASA laptop contained space station control codes /MSNBC/

Amber Rose & Wiz Khalifa Engaged /NYDailyNews/

Sandusky federal probe may have different focus /CNN/

Lauryn Hill Debuts New Song “Fearless Vampire Killer” In Washington, DC /24HourHipHop/


4 comments on “In The News 3/2/12

  1. incaunipocrit says:

    Reblogged this on ATA MOTEK.


  2. markdub7 says:

    Awww…and Breitbart was such a nice guy. I’m sure Shirly Sherrod is going to cry herself to sleep over his passing. Sorry if I’m not very sympathetic.

    $280K for the new flying car? How long before Birdman buys one and puts rims on it, only to not pay the bills and they come to reclaim it?


  3. Loki says:

    Why is Too Short making so much news lately? Midlife crisis?


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