In The News 3/5/12


Rapper Nipsey Hussle denounces gun violence that left 14 wounded at Arizona Nightclub /WashingtonPost/

Lakers Standing Tall Again /ESPN/

Rapper Young Buck’s car shot at 11 times /DigitalSpy/

Apple App Store reaches 25 billion downloads /LATimes/

New Video Shows Japanese Speech-Jamming Gun in Action /Wired/

Rush Limbaugh is no stranger to controversial statements /WashingtonPost/

Game Gives Female Fans A Mouthful, Spits At Lady Concertgoers /SOHH/

Breast cancer drug mix-up with children’s meds /MSNBC/

Deron Williams scores 57 points in Nets’ victory /LATimes/

Sexy pics alleged to be Christina Hendricks’ are revealed online /Freep/


9 comments on “In The News 3/5/12

  1. Nagan says:

    first a belated Happy birthday mate, hope you had a good one!

    I would like to see how tough Game is when he doesn’t have a crowd of fans or entourage to back him, it’s the dogs that don’t bark you should fear…… and he does an awful lot of barking

    Christina Hendricks is a REAL woman! Personal taste, i think must starlets are too damn skinny and she is hot to death! Gonna look me up some photos now…. Cheers!


  2. blackfolkinc says:

    I sought them Christina Hendricks pics out myself… if she got a plumper in the backside (she looked a lil flat in the back on “Drive”) she would be total package …all that said she would get it!! lol


  3. markdub7 says:

    The Lakers are the same team they were 2 years ago minus a dude named Lamar. Any team that the Mamba laces them up for will ALWAYS be dangerous.

    If the speech jammer was used everytime Newt Gingrich spoke, he might be president. LOL

    Man…I used to really respect Game, but he’s made a mockery of himself. It’s sad b/c dude can REALLY spit. SMDH

    Yeah…any pics of Christina Hendricks in a state of undress are welcome.


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