5 Rappers, 5 Presidential Hopefuls


Here at R&WIFDP, we don’t talk much about politics (or religion). Mainly because opinions are like assholes, but also because who’s to say how truly difficult it is to run an entire nation? Be the decisions right, wrong, or indifferent, someone has to make them. Better the next guy than me. I’m perfectly content running my household. If I want more people to boss around I’ll impregnate my beautiful wife. Or buy some puppies. Either way, the closest I’ll get to congress is using CSPAN as a nightlight to roll up find my iPod. & voting, whatever the he’ll that means.

But this isn’t to say that your favorite rapper’s worst enemy shouldn’t apply for the POTUS position. Why the hell not? Remember, Ronald Reagan was an actor before he took the throne office. Combine that with Barack Obama’s historic win & one day LL Cool J or Andre 3000 or Queen Latifah could be giving the State of the Union address, if you smell my cologne.

On a slightly less realistic note, though, check out these 5 rappers who would be great presidential hopefuls.

Candidate: Kreayshawn
V.P.: Iggy Azalea
Democratic Party
Platform: Free Speech

Candidate: T.I.
V.P.: Lil Wayne
Republican Party
Platform: Open Carry Firearms

Candidate: Rick Ross The Rapper
V.P.: Young Jeezy The Snowman
Republican Party
Platform: Legalization Of Cocaine & Prostitution

Candidate: Birdman F. Baby
V.P.: Sean “P.Diddy, Puffy, Puff Daddy, Swag, Sean John” Combs
Republican Party
Platform: Tax Cuts For The Rich

Candidate: Lil B The Based god
V.P.: Soulja Boy
Independent Party
Platform: Gay Marriage/Anti-Bullying


3 comments on “5 Rappers, 5 Presidential Hopefuls

  1. Mark Dub says:

    Effing hilarious…yet quite astute associations btwn the candidates and their platforms. Lol


  2. […] 5 Rappers, 5 Presidential Hopefuls [R&WIFDP] […]


  3. DV says:

    Ross and Jeezy would be perfect they got the polititian schtick down pat. 1.)They may or may not be lying to the public in their campaigns, and 2.) thats their story and they are sticking to it, and 3.) since they got “inaugerated” (spell check?) im doing me, fuck what you like. Bush would be proud.


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