In The News 3/13/12


Grand Hustle Rapper Iggy Azalea Issues Apology For Controversial Racist Line /ThisBeatGoes/

Google hires DARPA Director Regina Dugan /CNET/

Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson go to NY club to see their son, rapper Chester Hanks /NYDailyNews/

Randy Moss agrees to 49ers deal /ABCNews/

Who Is Vetting This White Girl Rapper Movement? /HipHopWired/

A Hot Dog a Day Raises Risk of Dying from Cancer, Harvard Research Finds /Bloomberg/

Controversial Gay Rapper Prepares To Release Debut Mixtape This Week /MI2N/

NASA to conspiracy theorists: Mayan apocalypse is lunacy /TheStateColumn/

Interactive Hip-Hop Trading Cards to Launch Soon /VIBE/

Texas Instruments to Develop Chips for iRobots. /XbitLabs/

Why did Disney’s ‘John Carter’ flop? /LATimes/


One comment on “In The News 3/13/12

  1. markdub7 says:

    I think it was big of Iggy to apologize. I don’t think it was necessary, but she clearly defined what she meant with the lyric, and it should disable others from throwing her under the bus for that one lyric.

    Damn Randy Moss signed w/the 49ers. That crushed my dream of him becoming a Saint. And without some future draft pics, we could have really used a talent like him.


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