In The News 3/15/12


A$AP Experiences Rocky Club Incident, Bouncer Rejects Rapper’s Entrance Pleas /SOHH/

D’Antoni Resigns as Knicks’ Coach /NYTimes/

Lil Wayne Looks Beyond ‘Greatest’ Title, Wants “Best Skater Alive” /HipHopIllustrated/

Bryant pilots Lakers to second consecutive OT win /USAToday/

Erick Sermon Says Hip Hop Lacks Musical Balance /HipHopDX/

Geode turns your iPhone into a virtual wallet /SlashGear/

Did Jay-Z Forget the Lyrics to “Empire State of Mind”? /AllUrbanRadio/

New iPad vs. Kindle Fire: Which Tablet is Right for You? /PCMag/

BONNIE & CLYDE: 10 Rappers Who Made Hit Songs With Their Boos /GlobalGrind/

Years after scandal, scientist leads campaign to resurrect mammoth /MSNBC/

CDC to launch graphic anti-smoking ads /CBSNews/


5 comments on “In The News 3/15/12

  1. markdub7 says:

    Antoni (no D) was a good guy; a player’s coach. He just couldn’t bring any D to NYC [ll]

    It’s a bit ill and a lil scary that they are THIIIIIS close to cloning extint species.


  2. Capital G says:

    The Knicks are a hot mess, personally love Phil Jackson either during his Bulls run or Lakers career. Hope money isn’t a deciding factor and he stays away from NY. James Dolan is a cancer and needs to sell the team to someone who actually cares, Phil Jackson can’t fix stupid.

    Lil Wayne… trying extra hard to become an average white kid.


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