NBA Report: Trade Deadline Edition


Words by Phlip

Looks like there were some fireworks right there at the trading deadline after all.

To keep things simple, I will deal only in teams that will either make the playoffs or cause utter hilarity in missing them.

First, the Magic informed Dwight Howard that he had best make his intentions as it relates to opting out of his contract on 07/01 known or they would send him somewhere he may not be happy for the remainder of this season. With that in mind, he signed that waiver and will be in Orlando for at least one more season.
In doing so, he has pretty much shot large holes in Mikhail Prokhorov’s plans to buy up the best talent and win a championship in New Jersey–… err, Brooklyn. See, Deron Williams signed no such waiver and can still opt out of HIS contract at the end of this season, and it is looking more and more like he will have no reason to stay and carry this motley crew of bums back to the lottery any longer. In other words, the Nets are SCREWED. With that in mind, Orlando had better be campaigning HARD to bring him down there, lest he will go to Dallas and D12 will join him via trade next season – EARLY next season – as they are faced with the same drama they have been thus far into this one.

Next, my favorite victims this season, the Knickerbockers…
All the entertainment value and D’Antoni job-saving that Linsanity brought about was swiftly put to death the moment Carmelo Anthony returned. D’Antoni needs a fast-paced open offense, and a pick-and-roll when they have to bring the ball up like reasonable human beings. Carmelo needs the ball and floor space to isolate, and pass only when double or triple teamed. Since Carmelo would see his touches in his comfort zone go south in D’Antoni’s system, he never even acted like he wanted to play in it. When he returned, the Knicks lost 8 of 10 games. When D’Antoni went to management to discuss the apparent issues at hand, he was duly reminded that he was in the last year of HIS contract and, while Carmelo is the most easily traded piece in that front line, they were apparently looking toward the future.

Exit Mike D’Antoni… good luck getting a gig now. In his place is Mike Woodson, who famously rode “Iso” Joe Johnson to a couple of second-round exits at the hands of the aforementioned Magic. One could assume that ‘Melo might get the ball back in this offense, but we would also assume that NO ONE will play defense since an “interim” coach can’t make them and ostensibly the Knickerbockers will be missing the playoffs this year and looking for a new coach to boot. While no player activities took place in this situation, we were reminded that sometimes an organization will trade loyalties to a coach for those to the players. The inmates are running this asylum.

Happy trails, D. Fish…
To be honest, I partially blamed him for the ugly nature of the lockout and the players taking what was ultimately a bad deal for them, but I still appreciate what he has given my Lakers in his 13 seasons with them. He will be sent to Houston for Jordan Hill, while we FINALLY get a young PG in Ramone Sessions to bring the ball up the court, initiate the offense and (most importantly) defend his position. In exchange for him and Christian Eyenga, we loose a protected draft pick and FINALLY get the $6.1million contract of Luke Walton off of the books to Cleveland. Unfortunate will be the amount of time he will have to mesh into the system, but as a fan I am crossing my fingers and hoping for the best.

Speaking of Houston, they also dealt some dead weight in Johnny Flynn and draft washout Hasheem Thabeet in exchange for Marcus Camby. It seems as if they’re at least TRYING to win 2-3 playoffs games this season.

At current, the Nuggets are still in the running, but after sending a serviceable starting Center to Washington in exchange for one who was once benched for throwing himself an alley-oop in a game and one who has a fractured hand and once had a heart procedure despite being only 21 years old at the time. Yeah, my state of impression with the Nuggets in the absence of Carmelo has given way to their going out of their way to throw it in the toilet in spite of.

In a wholly unexplainable move, the Spurs have moved for Stephen Jackson from the Warriors, who had only traded for him so recently that he had not yet suited back up for them yet. This is unexplainable because they fill similar holes and I see no benefit to this, given Stephen Jackson sulking and pissing and moaning until Charlotte traded him after they traded Gerald Wallace last year. Oh, and there was that time in 2004 where he randomly wandered into the stands throwing haymakers at otherwise unprovoked fans in Auburn Hills, Michigan. What I am saying, basically, is that he will be the disruptive force that WILL test Gregg Popovich’s management ability.

There were plenty more moves made over the course of the day and week ahead of it, and I invite you to ESPN and their nifty Trade Tracker. The interesting moves (or non-moves) will make a major difference come playoffs time, and it is ALSO interesting which teams made no moves. Namely Dallas and Chicago. I am honestly surprised that the Mavericks didn’t try to deal LamarDashian.


5 comments on “NBA Report: Trade Deadline Edition

  1. markdub7 says:

    It SHOCKED me that the Lakers would deal D. Fish. Though they’ve done it before, I just assumed they would allow him to retire a Laker. I wish him luck in his new gig.


  2. Phlip says:

    Word on the streets is that Houston is going to buy out Fisher, which means in 30 days the Lakers can re-sign him to one of those 1-day contract and he can retire from the Lakers.


  3. DV says:

    My Knicks can still make the playoffs (1 and done) despite the current “dilemma” they have right now. Woodson is a good coach and I would keep him longterm. The Hawks improved every year under Woodson (still dont know why they fired him). Lin saved Dantoni (temporarily), now he better learn to defend his position so he can save himself. Regardless Lin will be a Knick aslong as folk keep overpaying to see him play and buying his jerseys (gotta get that money mayne, its still the same).Now my Blazers have hit the quasi-rebuild button and I like how they have set themselves up for this offseason. 2 possible lottery picks and approx. 15-27 milli to dangle at a top 30 player or 2. I just hope they hire Jerry Sloan or Brian Shaw and completely avoid Dantoni (take that No-D shit back to the Euros).
    As far as the Spurs, go they know what they are doing. Jefferson is under performing and his contract is up. Jackson plays hard, won a ring with the Spurs, and is from TX.
    LAL: A+, POR: A+, DEN: WTF and SMH,


  4. DV says:

    Somebody (Boston) shouldve scooped up Beasley and yes NJ is screwed unless they make magic happen before DWill signs elsewhere.


  5. Phlip says:

    Deron Williams has already said that he is moving on to the next gate and that wherever he goes will be where he retires.
    If it is not Orlando, then Dwight Howard will STILL leave next season and Otis Smith should be fired as GM.

    Deron Williams is from Dallas and would love to go there; with J. Kidd aging out of a hall-of-fame career, Dallas would love to have him.
    In other words, prepare to see some lame-ass “3D” references in Dallas with Dirk, Deron and Dwight… Poor Brendan Haywood (who, by the way went to high school one mile from my front door, literally).

    I am SERIOUSLY under the impression that Lin will go wherever D’Antoni goes, which I think might wind up being Sacramento, who fired their coach earlier too. He will install his offense and steal a 7-seed and save the franchise, but they will STILL never win a playoffs series with him in the seat.
    Lin will have earned at LEAST full mid-level exception and the Knicks will not be able to afford even that while on the hook for that $225million front line without going DEEP into luxury tax territory, which a team should only do if they’re legitimate contenders.


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